Everything you need to know about a smartwatch

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Watches are a staple when we talk about everyday accessories. We have bought them, worn, gifted them, and passed them down to other generations as an heirloom. But just like any gadget, the watches have also evolved from merely telling the time to monitoring our overall health.

With the help of technology, smartwatches have taken over the world. Their excellent performance, health monitoring features, and trendy looks have surely replaced traditional watches. The smartwatches of today are a lot more useful powerful and indispensable accessories, one can own.

Best Smartwatch for Android Users

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

This Samsung Galaxy smartwatch series 3 is a great buy to go for if you are an amateur in smartwatches. It runs on progressive software and easy compatibility. It features a heart rate and sleep monitor, blood pressure levels, oxygen, and fall detection sensors.

Best Smartwatch for Apple Users

Apple Watch Series 6 

This latest model from Apple 6 Series is the most advanced variant of Apple smartwatches. Featuring an auto-on retina display, this watch can monitor blood oxygen level, ECG, high and low heart rate sensors, irregular heart rhythm, etc. Its sophisticated features help you with your health goals efficiently.

Smartwatch Buying Guide

Now that we know the best models mentioned below is the buying guide you can refer to if you are looking to buy a smartwatch.

Easy Pairing

The OS of the smartwatch and your phone should be compatible with each other. Usually, smartwatches and mobile of the same brands are relatively easier to pair up because of a similar OS.

Display: OLED Vs. LCD

OLED and LCD are the common screens used in smartwatches of today. While OLED devices are thinner, LCD screens are relatively more durable. Thus, choose wisely.


Many smartwatches allow you to browse through your smartwatch with touch gestures. The crown and side buttons in Apple smartwatches allow you to adjust the font size without touching the display.


Go with brands that offer customization options. Many brands offer you the facility to change the color, straps, and dial as per your taste. As an expert opinion, go with a thinner and sleeker design for an all-time trendy look.


Ensure that the applications available in your smartwatch are easy to access and use. Also, make sure that the required apps are easily available on Google Play or App Store.

Health Features and GPS

Go with models that offer a full health monitor feature and GPS connectivity. This is especially for people who love biking and running. But remember, GPS can drain your battery life quickly. So, choose wisely.

Online Payments

The newer models of smartwatches allow you to make payments online with no hassle. The NFC chips in them help in making the payments electronically.

Battery Life

Go with smartwatches that have a battery back-up of at least 48 hours or more in full charge. This will allow you to use your smartwatch for longer durations without worrying about the low battery.


Go with smartwatches that offer at least 1 to 2 years of warranty or part-replacement policy. Many brands also offer an extended warranty during peak summer sales.

Advantages of Smartwatch

  • Tells more than a time partner
  • All-round travel buddy
  • Helps in finding phones with its advanced ‘find your phone feature
  • Acts as a health monitor
  • Constant notifications and alerts of phone
  • Allows you to stay socially connected

Beginner’s Guide to Using Your Smart Watch?

Install the smartwatch app on the smartphone. If it is an Android phone, then go for Android smartwatches. But if it is April, then go with iOS. Once the software is installed, the watch syncs with your phone. Then it receives updates from the phone. Ensure that the phone should always be in the ‘on’ mode for efficiency. The display of the smartwatch will allow the user to read all text messages, emails, and other notifications with clarity. Some of them also feature audio, which helps you to receive calls.

Now that you know almost everything about smartwatches, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend only the best based on popularity, demand, and quality.

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