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Close up of muscular male torso with hand pulling nipple piercing

There is no denying that body piercing has become a fashion statement these days. Both men and women of all ages are opting for different piercings to flaunt their unique style as well as to enhance their overall appearance.  Also, to stand out from the crowd, they are always on the hunt for one-of-a-kind body jewelry online. If you too have got a few piercings and think they no longer look beautiful, then it’s time for you to look for stylish and modern jewelry designs. To help you out, we have created a list of piercing jewelry that’s trending these days. Pick the styles of your choice right today:

For Ear Piercings:

  • Leaf 14K Gold Ear Climber Earrings: The trend of climber earrings hasn’t faded till date. For climber earrings, these leaf earrings in 14k gold can add a perfect touch to your ear piercings. You can pick these earrings in yellow, rose or white gold.
  • 4mm Diamond Pave Ball 14K Gold Captive Bead Ring: To make your conch piercing look great, this captive ring would be a perfect choice. Featuring 30 genuine diamonds, the ring crafted in 14k gold will add a subtle shine to your piercings.
  • Cubic Zirconia 14K Gold Hinged Segment Clicker Ring: Nothing can beat this clicker ring when it comes to adorning a daith piercing. The round-shaped hoop matches perfectly with the triangular set of three CZ gemstones.
  • 2mm Tiny Star 14K Gold Labret Tragus Cartilage Earring Stud: If you are looking for cartilage or helix piercing jewelry, then go for this star-shaped earring stud. This tiny stud is cute perfect to create a look of a constellation. Something that’s extremely cute and adorable!

For Nose Piercings:

  • Genuine Pearl 14K Gold Nose Ring: For pearl lovers, this nose ring is undoubtedly an ideal piece of nose jewelry. Featuring traditional white pearl, this ring crafted in 14k gold will go well with your everyday/party outfits.
  • Diamond 950 Platinum Nose Ring Stud: This diamond-platinum nose stud is one example of sheer luxury and sophistication. The stunning diamond ring set in high polished platinum is sure to earn you compliments from your friends.

For Belly Piercing:

  • Petite Hearts Cubic Zirconia 14k Gold Belly Ring: Ditch your old belly jewelry and wear this gold belly ring to make your piercing more captivating. It features two CZ stones in the shape of a heart. Something perfect for all romantics out there!
  • Genuine Diamond Flower Solid 14k Gold Belly Button Ring: Diamond lovers should settle for this belly button ring to garner attention toward their belly piercing. This petite flower ring comprises of 7 tiny diamonds. If you want to make your navel piercing more attractive, you should definitely opt for this ring.

For Nipple Piercings:

  • 14K Gold Twister Spiral Barbell: Add a twist to your nipple piercings with this spiral barbell. Featuring a sleek and interesting design, it will add a perfect shine to your nipple perforations.
  • 14K Gold Skull Captive Bead Ring: Want to flaunt your daring side? Then, get your hands on this skull bead ring. Something great to enjoy badass punk vibes!

For Lip Piercings:

  • Bezel-Set Cubic Zirconia 14K Gold Labret: A dazzling bezel-set cubic zirconia gemstone is the centerpiece of this labret. Another great piercing jewelry option to treat your lip piercing with style!
  • Diamond Star 14K Gold Labret Lip or Tragus Earring: This labret comes with a solid gold star that features a round diamond at its center. This shiny labret will undoubtedly make your lip piercing standout.

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