Eights Steps To Structure A Case Study

Some students struggle with writing a persuasive essay, while others face trouble structuring a case study. This is particularly true if it is associated with corporate fraud issues like the famous Enron case study.

A case study is up-close, thorough and multi-faceted research conducted over a subject (person, event, community) with the help of quantitative data. The data is collected by employing different methods like- surveys, interviews etc.

Case study assignments are pretty challenging, especially if you are a beginner. Structuring a case study is a complex and time-consuming task. It requires a lot of research, analysis and proper data organization. Moreover, you have to adhere to the university guidelines strictly for such assignments.

If you need help structuring your Enron and Adidas case study, here are some tips for you to help you structure it in eight steps:

  • Title

Brainstorm over crafting the title of your case study. Don’t simply write Enron Case Study. Keep it short yet interesting for your readers to get hooked on it.

  • Introduction

The most important part of your Enron case study solution is the introduction. In this section, you have to define the purpose of the case study.

Here, you should give the readers a brief overview of the subject (here Enron) on which you are conducting the case study.

  • Analysis

Define the theory of Enron case analysis that assesses the issues and features of the case study.

  • Identified Solution

Make sure to provide adequate evidence in support of your Enron case analysis. Also, make sure to describe the problems addressed in your case study.

Keep in mind both sides of the case and outline the problems of the case accordingly.

  • Relevant Theories

Do not forget to mention the important theories you mentioned in your Enron case study solution. Remember, your readers won’t be interested in reading a chunky piece of content.

To make your case study assignment appealing and engaging to the readers, try to end your points by leaving some space for conversation. Relevant reference: Business law case study help

  • Conclusion

In this section of the case study, include your suggestions. For instance, you may talk about when your suggested solutions should be implemented, who are these applicable to, etc. However, ensure that whatever you put in your assignment is engaging and convincing.

  • References

Make sure to collect information from reliable sources, and do not forget to include your list of references at the end of your case study. This strengthens your credibility to your readers.

  • Appendices

This is the last and final section of your case study. This section mentions all the crucial data, tables, and statistics included in your case study. This section is essential for the readers to have a better understanding of the topic.

Students often get overwhelmed with case study writing assignments. They look for samples available on the internet and try to fit their data using that as a template. But that drags their scores down. Using the tips mentioned above, you can now structure your unique case study.


Structuring a case study is a challenging task for many students. A proper case study includes a title, introduction, analysis, identified solution, relevant theories, conclusion, references, and appendices. If you need other essay assignment writing help, you can seek a professional essay writer for all your academic writing mess.

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