Deep Water on ITV: Anna Friel drama distracts viewers with bizarre ‘thong’ twist

Deep Water is the latest crime thriller to grace ITV screens and the drama already has fans hooked.

While it’s clear there’s a long way to go before the secrets begin to fully unravel, tonight’s episode had some viewers talking for a very different reason.

Following an altercation with Lucinda’s father Guy, who is upset and angry his daughter is still missing in the Lake District-based show, Lisa had a breakfast run-in with the teenager’s mother.

The night before, a sobbing Lisa told her angry husband she was sorry for going to the family’s party, agreeing they were “toxic” people.

But when face to face with Lucinda’s mother Kate Riverty (Rosalind Eleazar), Lisa was forced to think on her feet and come up with a reason for the black pair of pants discovered on the floor of the house.

“Joe would kill me if he even knew I was talking to you,” Lisa began.

“I’m sorry, but what we’re going through you can’t imagine,” Kate said.

Considering whether to bring it up or not, Kate eventually said: “Lisa I can’t stop thinking about that thong I found.

“What does that say about Lucinda? That she was sleeping around? Being groomed?”

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Keen to put the fraught mother out of her misery, Lisa suddenly blurted out: “It was mine, it was mine.

“I was drunk, I was really drunk, and it was digging in.”

Shocked, Kate didn’t seem to believe the fellow mother’s bizarre explanation.

“Extraordinary, taking off your pants in someone else’s house,” she commented, seemingly alluding to the idea Lisa had actually taken them off for another reason.

“But don’t worry I won’t tell Joe…” she said, causing alarm at first. “That we had coffee!

“None of us wants to lose our families do we?” she added.

Taking to Twitter, viewers couldn’t stop talking about the bizarre twist, as one person wrote: “Yep always taking my pants off in peoples houses!! #DEEPWATER.”

“It was digging in #DeepWater,” another viewer said next to a laughter emoji.

A third teased: “The first thing I always do when I visit friends is take my pants off #deepwater.”

“#deepwater digging in? Front or back??” a fourth asked.

Others were confused by an apparent blunder, wondering why the police hadn’t tracked Lucinda’s phone.

“The police haven’t traced their phone locations? #deepwater,” one fan asked quizzically, while another speculated: “Also why haven’t they just tracked her phone? Awful storyline. #deepwater

Deep Water continues Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV, and the full series is now available to stream on ITV Hub.

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