Death in Paradise season 10: DI Richard Poole ‘returns’ in twist you didn’t expect

Death in Paradise’s first ever detective inspector could be making a reappearance in the 10th season of the hit BBC One comedy drama. Richard Poole (played by Ben Miller) was killed off in episode one of the third instalment during a university reunion. It was up to DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) to investigate his death and find the culprit. But as fans look towards the shows anniversary, they are hoping for episodes jam-packed full of quality content, and some have been surmising about a flashback involving DI Poole. 

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Fans were devastated when the third series of the light-heated mystery show kicked off with their beloved lead character being found dead. 

As for who murdered the detective, that was no secret. 

DI Poole was not killed in the line of duty, instead, he was killed by an old friend. 

The Island of Saint Marie welcomed a university reunion, where amongst them, was DI Poole’s long-time crush, Sasha Moore (Helen Baxendale) who had recently got married. 

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But the woman standing in front of his was not part of the alumni, in fact, it was Sasha’s sister who was posing to be Sasha and get revenge. 

When DI Poole realised Sasha’s sister had committed identity fraud, she silenced him by killing him with an ice pick.

Many were shocked to see DI Poole’s departure but there is a chance the fan favourite could make a comeback – of sorts – during the tenth season. 

It comes after Executive Producer Tim Key said: “We are delighted to be able to start filming and can’t wait to celebrate our tenth series with our audience.

“I continued to watch the show, series 3 through 8, on Britbox. But as far as I’m concerned, series 3 episode 1 never happened. 

“DI Poole is alive and well back in London. #DeathInParadise,” another remarked. 

Someone else spoke fondly of the character: “I’ve discovered #DeathInParadise.  Looove DI Richard Poole. The wit. The charm. The brilliance. The misery.” 

“DI Richard Poole is my favourite,” a tweet read. 

While one viewer commented: “Nobody can beat Richard Poole, but Parker’s close.#deathinparadise .” 

As for why Ben decided to leave the role, he said back in 2013: “It was the job of a lifetime, but logistically I just didn’t feel I could continue.

“I arrived out here for the first series and within a few weeks my wife Jessica discovered she was pregnant.

“That threw everything because it meant she couldn’t come and visit me for the six months I was out here,” he told Radio Times. 

Death in Paradise is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer now. 

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