Bradley Walsh forced to apologise to The Chase contestant over major mistake

The Chase continued tonight and Bradley Walsh introduced Ian, Cilla, Stephen and Hannah to the studio to go up against Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha. However, after Bradley continued to get a contestant’s name wrong, Cilla called out the host and he was forced to apologise. 

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From the off tonight, Bradley proved he was in a playful mood, narrating the contestants’ answers as they went.

Ian, Cilla, Stephen, and Hannah were introduced to the chaser and first up was Ian.

Ian might not have proved himself in the cash builder, winning only £3,000, but he was able to challenge Paul and get through to the final. 

But before deciding what he wanted to play for, Bradley threw it over to his competitors. 

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Stephen immediately told Ian to go for the high offer and the contestant was shocked by how confident his fellow player was.

Bradley then said: “What about you Killer?” and contestant Cilla covered her face before telling her fellow player to go for the money he had already racked up and Ian was torn. 

Ian was the first contestant into the final, and Hannah was up next talking a big game but she was quickly caught out by the chaser and sent home. 

Before the break Bradley once again introduced Cilla as “Killer,” and when they came back, the host had to apologise for getting her name wrong.

Fans were rooting for Cilla, taking to Twitter to show their support. 

One viewer said: “Come on killa!! All rooting for you! #TheChase.”

“Cilla’s a bit of a minx there!!#TheChase,” added another. 

“Killer Cilla going for the 40K!” echoed a third “You go girrrrrl #TheChase,” while someone else shared: “Cilla is going for the £40,000. C’MON CILLA #TheChase.”

After a tough round, Cilla just wasn’t quite able to get through to the final despite taking the huge £40,000 jackpot to play for. 

Paul said: “What a game, what a game this is. That was an outstanding performance from what must be the best mum in the world.”

Cilla thanked Bradley and told him she would say hello to her pals in Great Yarmouth from him. 

This left just Ian and Stephen in the final with £7,000 between the two of them if they won. 

The two weren’t the quickest to answer but took 14 good answers into the final in the hopes of winning against Paul. 

Paul had a couple of questions that really caught him off guard, but once he got into the swing of things he proved that Ian and Stephen were going home with nothing. 

The two contestants fought hard, but after a full day of quizzing the pressure got to them and they lost their £7,000 jackpot with Bradley congratulating them for getting to the final.

The Chase airs on ITV weekdays at 5pm.

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