BBC News: ‘What?’ Carol Kirkwood reveals show secret leaving Naga Munchetty stunned

BBC One viewers tuned in to see BBC Breakfast hosted by Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty this morning. 

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During the show, they crossed over to Carol Kirkwood who delivered the five day weather forecast, with focus on Sunday for the London Marathon. 

However, during her update, the meteorologist struggled to find the right word to describe the low pressure which areas of the UK are set to experience, and those watching at home saw her muddle through. 

Following the report, Carol discussed the mishap and said: “Naga and Charlie, isn’t it awful when you can’t think of the word! I was trying to say southern flank of the low pressures.” 

“What?” Naga replied. “Southern flank? Why don’t you just avoid these tongue twisters?”

Carol then explained: “Well, you see, we don’t use autocue so it’s just whatever pops into your mind at the time!”

“Southern flank, sounds like a dish doesn’t it?” The presenter continued

And Charlie added: “I think, to be fair to Carol, it’s worth reminding people all of that, she knows all of it just like that, everyday.”

“As soon as she wakes up, it’s like telepathically communicated and it’s intrinsically part of her! Isn’t it Carol?” Naga joked. 

“And I would just like to say as well, Charlie and Naga are my agents! Thank you very much,” Carol remarked to which the presenters fell about laughing. 

It comes after Monday to Wednesday’s BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker ignored a swipe taken at his co-stars. 

A fan had Tweeted the sports journalist expressing their favouritism for Dan and Louise Minchin. 

They said: “You’re both much ‘lighter’ than Naga and Charlie, who seem like an old married couple. You’re great fun to watch.” 

And Dan replied: “Thanks Pauline. We really enjoy working together,” overlooking the swipe. 

The fan continued the conversation with: “And it shows! You’re great together. I enjoy Monday to Wednesday; not so much the rest of the week!”

Meanwhile, Charlie snubbed sports presenter Mike Bushell last week. 

Viewers saw Mike begin discussing the latest news when he wanted to demonstrate something with the help of Charlie. 

“Charlie can I give you a high-five?” Mike asked, but Charlie left him hanging and then explained: “I’m not a high-fivey kind of person.” 

Naga interjected and said: “You can’t leave him hanging.” 

Joking, Charlie remarked: “We never high-five, we just hug don’t we!” 

BBC Breakfast airs everyday at 6am on BBC One.

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