BBC News: ‘Leave them ALONE’ Naga Munchetty scolds Louise Minchin for ‘stealing’ gaffe

Presenters Naga and Louise don’t usually present together on BBC Breakfast.

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The daily BBC news programme pairs one female broadcast journalist with a male, so the duo don’t often interact.

Today’s edition however saw Naga chatting with Louise via a video link, as the 51-year-old presenter was based in Birmingham for the morning to discuss and raise awareness about the menopause.

Returning to Louise in the middle of an enormous garden, Naga was left stunned to witness Louise surrounded by hundreds of bunches of beautiful flowers, and she was on her own.

Puzzled as to how her fellow colleague had managed to gather up and display all the flowers without help or assistance, Naga jokingly accused Louise she’d done something untoward.

Following the latest weather forecast, Naga attempted to segue way into the next segment with: “Don’t know if it’s geraniums weather at the moment, Lou can tell us.”

“Don’t know if it’s ever geraniums weather,” Naga’s co-host Jon Kay noted.

“Well what are we talking about all week,” Naga continued. “It’s been menopause week and you’ve all been sending in your experiences.

“Louise is at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and she’s been stealing the flowers and the plants by the looks of things.

“Lou has been stealing all the flowers!”

Taken-aback by the display on screen in front of her, Naga cried: “Lou, leave them alone!”

Bemused by the unexpected accusation, Louise smiled as she insisted: “All we’ve done is borrow them.“

Getting back to the important conversation at hand, the presenter shared: “Good morning to you all, thank you so much Jon and Naga and thank you so much to all of you who have been joining in this conversation.

“We wanted to start to talk about it and I felt really nervous at the beginning of this week, but I have genuinely been touched, overwhelmed by all the messages, thank you so much.

“I just want to give you one example,” Louise went on, reading out a Tweet from one viewer.

“This is Mandy and she says thank you for talking about this,” she said. “Apart from the hot flushes I had no real idea what to expect, at times I’ve been feeling particularly bad or depressed and downbeat, not like my usual optimistic self.”

“I know what you mean,” Louise encouraged the brave viewer for sending in her thoughts, and continued to share her own experiences on today’s programme.

Yesterday’s edition of the show left viewers feeling bemused as they spotted an unusual cat animation on the screen all of a sudden.

The moment took place during Sally Nugent’s sports report and was a hilarious off-piste moment.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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