BBC BIAS? Louise Minchin makes shock admission – ‘NO OPTIMISM' Brexit will be resolved

The BBC’s Louise Minchin admitted that the current state of Brexit required more caution than optimism as she confessed having “no optimism” with Brexit. Westminster correspondent Chris Mason explained: “There are some MP’s who want to take the idea of a no deal Brexit off the table, leaving the European Union at the end of March without an overarching deal in place. There are some that are saying Brexit should be delayed if Theresa May cannot get a deal in the next month perhaps there should be a delay till the end of the year.

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“There is also this idea of trying to get around this thorny question of the border in Ireland, this so called backstop idea.

“Ensuring that the border remains open under any circumstances with lots of MP not liking the look of that so they are suggesting alternative arrangements.

“They are the headlines of some of the ideas likely to be discussed and debated.

“Theresa May hopes she might end up with a plan that she can take back to Brussels and say this is will be able o get through the House of Commons.

“But it is entirely possible at the end of the day that they cannot agree on anything.

Mrs Minchin while laughing said: “Chris thank you for the note of, I don’t know what it is optimism?

“No, I don’t think it is, caution, caution at all times, no optimism.”

Today’s votes mark the first opportunity MPs have had to affect the Brexit process since they voted Theresa May deal down earlier this month.

Since then, MPs have been tabling amendments to the government’s plans to try to influence the direction of Brexit. And, as ever, today looks likely to be a difficult one for the Prime Minister.

Today’s vote isn’t a retake of the vote on the deal, but on the Brexit, Plan B Mrs May set out after the crushing defeat on her deal.

The vote is just to say MPs have “considered” plan B, which lays out the government’s next steps on the battle to get an acceptable deal with the EU.

Today’s important and potentially game-changing votes will be on the amendments to that plan, tabled by MPs.

So far, 14 amendments have been tabled and there is no limit to the number of changes MPs could consider.

Commons Speaker John Bercow has the power to pick which amendments MPs can vote on.

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