Antiques Roadshow: Expert reluctant to value bronze statue and you WON’T believe why

Antiques Roadshow aired on BBC One last Sunday, and it saw a rather tense moment involving expert Ronnie Archer-Morgan.

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The expert was shown a bronze statue which he believed was made just before the First World War.

The owner then revealed that it was left to her by a great friend, and it was given to him by his father.

However, expert Ronnie found it too special a piece to put a definite price on.

Ronnie began by revealed that it was linked to the Adriatic shore of Corfu, and he said: “I know that shore.

“A friend of mine’s got a villa where the land of the villa runs down to the shore at Corfu and looks across the sea to Albania which is where this man retreated from the Kosovo offensive in the first world war in 1918.”

It was after that when Ronnie went on to reveal that he thought it was too almost impossible to put a price on.

The expert said: “I think it’s amazing, and I think it’s a little irreverent to value something that packs such a powerful message as this so beautifully.”

However, Ronnie’s job on the Roadshow is to value items such as these, so he did end up giving the statue a price, and the owner was delighted by it.

Ronnie said: “But that’s what we do on the Roadshow.”

As he demonstrated the model, he said: “What we have is the moon running around the earth.”

The expert finally asked: “Do you have an idea of value at the moment?”

“Not at the moment,” they replied, to which Ben revealed that it was worth a staggering £50,000.

“That does make it special. Thank you very much,” the shocked brothers replied.

Antiques Roadshow continues Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.

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