5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Organized

Getting your family organized can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Taking easy steps to get your family organized will help you feel in control of your life and home. Whether you’re a single parent, a large family, a single person, or a tight-knit group. Take these simple steps, and you will be ready for anything.

Getting Started

Decluttering your home will make you feel like you have less worry. And most importantly, if you’re tidy, you won’t be worried about it. Take time and create a list of each room in the house. Then under each room, think about all the areas of each room that need to be decluttered and organized. You can use containers for organizing and color-coding to make it easier to know what’s in each.

Create A Family Calendar

A family organization system can help you keep track of everything your family needs to do – while staying organized. A calendar keeps your family on track and helps you plan all kinds of activities and appointments. It also helps to organize your work life, helping you make the most out of every day. You can also use an online calendar if you prefer technology. Write down when bills are due, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, school events, and whatever you need to remember.

Organize Each Room

Getting a room or area organized can be all-important for children to help their minds unwind and relax. Tackling one room at a time will help you not get overwhelmed with what is in front of you. For example:


  • Closets (clothes, shoes, junk)
  • Shelves
  • Under Beds


  • cabinets
  • towels and rags (tattered and torn)
  • bathing items (shampoo, conditioner, and body wash you saved just in case)

Get rid of clothing that your family no longer wears, toys the kids no longer play with, books that won’t get read a second go around. If you have more than one of the same cooking utensils, get rid of extras. You can’t do much when you have a messy house, but if you keep it clean, you and your children will be more excited to come home to a tidy, inviting living space.

Put Your Life On A Schedule

Having a specific schedule allows us to be mindful of our plans and spend time on what matters most. Write things down, so you don’t forget. Use your calendar to keep up with everyone’s events. Keeping coordinated with your time can help you achieve some meaningful goals. Whether it’s getting kids off to school on time, keeping track of doctor’s appointments, and going to a job interview, there are several things you can do to get organized. You have to have an organized mindset. 

Create A Meal Plan

Creating a weekly meal plan is ideal but not practical for everyone. Plan out breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Think about what lies ahead with your week. Plan your meals around the schedule. You can also take time on a Sunday or whichever works better for you and your family and meal prep. Prepare and store anything you can ahead of time for your meals, like meats, potatoes, oatmeal, and casseroles, anything that can freeze.

Get The Whole Family Involved

Not only does getting your family organized help you feel in control of your life, but it also helps your children feel in control of theirs. Your children will be able to contribute to the family routine if they have a role in its creation. Kids, you are welcome to help: – Put laundry away, do the dishes, give the pet their food, return your toys, check the mail, turn off the TV.

Learning how to get your family organized is a valuable skill. It helps parents feel less stressed, and kids feel more confident about learning to manage their responsibilities and rights. It’s time to start getting your family organized and can only be taken care of with these five simple steps.

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