What to Pack for a Safari | 5 Things You Absolutely Need

A little goose bump of excitement and thrill runs down the spine every time I hear someone say about a safari experience. Packing for an adventurous trip surely id little difficult. Specifically, if you are planning to explore the adventure of safari you need to put in extra efforts in order to pack your safari essentials.

Wondering what to pack to explore safari:

When you are heading out for a safari experience thing here are little different. You need to put in extra efforts not to dress up from head to toe for technical outdoor clothing need but rather for a mindful nature’s requirement that you must keep in your mind while planning ahead.

Are you ready to get cover in dirt?

As exciting safari sounds it sure does bring a lot of dirt along. Be it your nose, your hair or your fingernail it could be found covered in dirt. The safari vehicles are mostly opened so you must plan you journey ahead accordingly. Don’t forget to keep hand sanitizers along with some wipes in order to clean up before meal times.

Pack clothes as per the requirements:

You must consider packing your clothes as per the adventure you are opting for since safari involves a lot of dirt you must pick colors and clothes that are easy to blend in with the environment. Tans, brown, khaki or olive green are the best color for safari experience neutral tones are the best pick for safari since bright colors can draw too much attention for wildlife.

Keep shoes and socks that can bear atmospheric changes:

Don’t forget to add waterproof flat shoes which ensures no dirt or mud is penetrated and ensure easy wipe off. While walking you need to have a comfort of dry and mud free feel thus ensure you have picked the right choice for it.

Don’t forget to add hat in your packing:

Hat is the basic necessity in order to cover your head from excess of heat. Ensure your hair are tangled in a proper bun or a ponytail to avoid getting them tangled in wind filled with dirt. An additional protection is required thus you will be close to quarter.

Choose the necessary equipment:

While planning a trip for safari you need to know the necessary equipment’s you will be needing during your trip. The most significant equipment that you can’t afford to miss is fishing rod travel case. Since majority of the fishing rods are very sensitive and delicate you must put in extra efforts to protect and take care of them. Fish rod is going to be your ultimate survival plan if you get stuck somewhere it will be your high hour of need.

Get ready to face bathroom crises:

The masai Mara is comprising on 1,510 square kilometers (938 square miles) but the critical point here is you will not find any public bathroom inside the park or even at any bathroom stop. If you have a nature’s call you have to search out for bushy area.

Take a rain jacket:

The weather is always unpredictable short rain can start at any time be it later afternoon, early morning or mid night. You must come prepare in order to encounter and handle such situation. You must ensure taking a jacket that will keep you warm specially in the morning when it is little chilly this is one crucial item that you should not forget to add in packing list of your safari adventure. The sari vehicles are majority open without roof or windows so you will be driving around the park you must keep a rain jacket close by for precautionary measures. Just always make sure to pick neutral color specifically for jacket since your jacket color will gab high attention.

Bring power backups make sure your devices never runout of charging:

If you are planning to stay in a tent so you must keep this in your mind that you will not have any plugs to recharge your device in order to ensure your devices are charge make sure you have a permanent source for it.

Bring a reliable source of light:

The ultimate final call for safari pack up bag is source of light since walking around camp at night is usually very dark and horrifying you must have access to flashlight app in your smartphones this excludes an extra item as a flashlight. If you are still wondering what items needs to be added in your safari adventure trip bag a source of light is a mandatory requirement since without basic power of source you will be paralyzed to perform any activity.

This experience can be filled with endless memories and a great lifetime experience if you pack your basic essentials accordingly

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