Robots to the Rescue: Racing Through Our Blood to Cure Disease

This OZY original series brings to you Medical Breakthroughs – and the people behind them – that could change how doctors treat us, find fixes to today’s diseases and make our lives truly better. David Zarrouk carefully places the tiny robot into a cleaned-up pig intestine on his table, and flips on the switch. About […]

Why Westerners Fear Robots and the Japanese Do Not

The hierarchies of Judeo-Christian religions mean that those cultures tend to fear their overlords. Beliefs like Shinto and Buddhism are more conducive to have faith in peaceful coexistence.’t%20as%20afraid%20of%20robot%20overlords%20as%20Westerners.jpg

OpenAI’s ‘state-of-the-art’ system gives robots humanlike dexterity

OpenAI, a nonprofit, San Francisco-based AI research company backed by Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, and Peter Thiel, among other titans of industry, made headlines in June when it announced that the latest version of its Dota 2-playing AI — dubbed OpenAI Five — managed to beat amateur players. Today, it unveiled another first: a robotics sy…Read […]

DARPA’s insect-sized SHRIMP robots could aid disaster relief

DARPA’s efforts to propel military technology forward often manifest in a diverse fashion, spanning everything from drone submarine development to a biostasis program that aims to buy more time to rescue soldiers on the battlefield. The SHRIMP program, short for SHort-Range Independent Microrobotic Platforms, is another potentially life-saving initiative that is being designed to navigate […]

How does the third-party doctrine apply to future autonomous robots?

(video link) In recent months, not one but two Ars writers have released books, so we decided that for this month’s edition of Ars Technica Live, that we (Cyrus Farivar and Annalee Newitz) would interview each other about our respective tomes. My book, Habeas Data, covers 50 years of surveillance law in America and chronicles […]

Ars on your lunch break, part two: History, reality, and robots for the elderly

Enlarge / Robots are everywhere. (credit: NBC Universal) Today we present the second installment of my wide-ranging interview with the world-renowned roboticist and AI pioneer, Rodney Brooks. Part one ran yesterday—so if you missed it, click right here. Today’s installment starts with the new robotic era that dawned when Rodney’s latest company—Rethink Robotics—launched its Baxter […]

NVIDIA wants to power intelligent robots with Jetson Xavier

NVIDIA is hoping to play a bigger role in the future of robotics with its Isaac platform, powered by the new Jetson Xavier system-on-a-chip. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s relying on the same the processor from the Xavier Drive self-driving SOC. The Xavier is over twenty times faster than the existing Jetson […]

Netflix snags ‘Next Gen,’ a star-studded animated film about robots

Just because Netflix’s films got shut out of competition at Cannes doesn’t mean the streaming titan stayed home. The company won a worldwide (except for China) distribution deal worth $ 30 million for the animated film Next Gen with a star-studded cast about a pair of “two unlikely friends in a world filled with robots,” […]