How To Make More Guest Posting By Doing Less

Are you struggling with guest posting? Not to worry, because we have come up with a detailed guide on how to increase the number of guest posts with minimum effort. Learn more.

How to write a guest post? How to write more guest blogs being a newbie? Indeed you have a lot of questions in your mind. We will answer each of them along with some additional information.

If you are a beginner in guest posting but don’t have a firm idea where to start, this guide is meant for you.

This guide will cover:

  • An idea of guest posts
  • Objectives of guest blogging
  • Making more guest posts with lesser work
  • Best practices of pitching

What are guest posts?

Guest blogging and writing content to multiple external sites have been emerging over the past few years. The funda of guest posting is quite simple. Guest posting refers to publishing an article on someone else’s site. People do it to connect more brand identity and referral traffic back to their website.

A writer plays a guest author or a contributing author in the guest posting and submits content to the publisher. The ownership of the content does not belong to the site. Instead, it belongs to the guest writer.

High-quality and relevant contents enable the guest bloggers to gain immense attention from the audience. As a result, it is possible to drive traffic back to their website as well. The potential benefits of guest blogging are as follows:

  • Optimizing relationships
  • Reaching new audiences
  • Building brand identity
  • Boost site SEO by building backlinks

Determine the guest blogging goals

Before we jump on to the guest posting tricks, the first task is to identify your goal for guest posting. Once you are clear about your goals, you can make a higher number of guest posts flawlessly.

Typically, there are there critical goals for guest posting services. These are:

  • Getting traffic (exposure) back to your website
  • Positioning yourself as a famous guest blogger and gain authority in your industry
  • Expand your blogger outreach service by increasing the number of backlinks to your website

You can accomplish all these three goals if you produce the right kind of content. If you want to achieve either 1 or 2, you will have to look for blogs with a large and active readership.

If you are trying to achieve the 3rd objective, you should look for blogs with full root domain authority. Check this out in Uber suggest for free.

How to enhance guest posting with minimum effort?

The first and foremost thing you require to maximize your guest posts is looking for guest posting opportunities. While looking for suitable destinations, your primary goal should be detecting websites relevant to your genre.

Following are the criteria you need to consider while finding sites:

  • The audience of the blog is keen on your niche
  • The blog has engaged viewers
  • The blog owner has an active presence on social media
  • The content of the blog is inclined to your niche

Here are some innovative strategies to make more blog posts with the least amount of headache:

Google searches

Google is an ideal place to initiate the search for guest posting opportunities. You may locate sites that allow guest articles by using any of the keyword searches below. Simply, substitute your industry’s keywords with the keywords below:

  • ‘Guest post’
  • ‘Guest post by’
  • ‘Guest post guidelines’
  • ‘How to do a guest post’

These queries should bring you to a blog’s guest post rules, submission form, or actual guest posts by other authors.

Veteran guest bloggers

Do you have come across any prolific or veteran guest bloggers in your genre? If so, then you have covered a considerable part of your guest posting journey. If not, then try to read a handful of blogs in your industry and shortlist some top bloggers.

Moreover, Google search has made it easier to find the details of bloggers, whether they provide guest-post services and their reputation. They should be your destination to guest post. Some influential guest bloggers are Jeff Bullas, Tony Right, Neil Patel, Anna Crow, and Kirk Williams.

Competitors’ backlinks

If you have access to tools like Open Site Explorer, you may look at your rivals’ backlinks. The key objective is to see if any of their blog entries have been published.

If you are unable to find any – that is also not a problem at all. Google search is still there with you. You can determine the sites where your competitors have already written in this format:

Link: ‘guest post’

Here you will have to replace the ‘’ with the competitor’s domain.

Social searches

Plenty of guest posters and bloggers share their latest works across different social media platforms. Since Twitter is the easiest one to operate, you can try a thorough Twitter search for the keyword ‘guest blogs’ or ‘guest post.’

A range of the latest tweets regarding guest posting services will appear in front of you. Simply follow the links to see which blogs in your industry are actively accepting guest posts.

Some best pitch practices

Have you ever noticed that we are not hoping to contact the bloggers directly from the stage of finding opportunities? Indeed, because there are several steps in between. Pitching is a vital part that needs to be prepared before communicating with the bloggers.

Some of the best pitch practices are stated below:

  • Evaluate the blog’s content: The key here is to understand the content of your targeted blogs. If you have a clear idea of it, no one can defeat you on the pitch
  • Follow other guest posts: It is advisable to follow guest posts of other bloggers. Explore how many likes, comments, or shares do those guest posts get. Is it higher or lower than that of the blog owner’s posts? Find the answer to these questions, and you are ready to rock your pitch.
  • Observe the activities of other guest bloggers: Closely monitor what other guest bloggers are doing. Check few author bios on the blogs. This is crucial while introducing yourself for the pitch.


Guest posting is no more a concern to budding or busy bloggers. You can be a successful guest blogger and make more guest posts with less planning. These simple steps presented above will add more value to your guest posting career in n effective way.

Post Author: Shane Brown

Shane Brown is a passionate blogger and chief blogging officer at BloggerOutreach,  Viacon,  seogrowthengine, RedhatMedia,  iDream Agency, Sbnewsroom, smartbusinessdaily, Okeymagazine, Gossipment . He is the man behind Search Engine Magazine, a well-known SEO Magazine. Shane specializes in inbound marketing and creative sales copy.

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