GDPR Infringement? Lufthansa Passengers Have to Take a Selfie to Prove they Are Real and Get a Refund

Article was originally published on ClaimCompass. Quietly and without any mention in their Terms and Conditions, the German national carrier now requires its passengers to provide a selfie of themselves holding their ID next to their face before issuing a refund for a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight. In the above email, Lufthansa’s Customer Relations […]

How to Sleep on a Plane: Make your next Flight a Relaxing one with These 10 Simple Tips

Article was originally published on ClaimCompass. After dozens of long-haul flight, I’ve come to realize that the difference between a good trip and a bad one is the amount of sleep I get.It’s no surprise, really: doctors keep saying we need more sleep. But with the noise of the aircraft and so many people on board, […]

Budget Travel Tips for Students Traveling in 2019

A trip abroad, whether it is to study in a different university for semester or to take a break from classes to seek a different kind of knowledge, is often (always?) a turning point in a student’s life. But to make the most of their trip in 2019, students would do well to keep in […]