Younger Star Reacts to That Romantic Surprise: ‘It’s Pretty Fantastic’

Warning: This article spoils a major event from Wednesday’s Younger. Proceed at your own risk…

It was the moment every Younger fan has waited for since Diana threw her old wedding dress out the window back in Season 3 — Wednesday’s episode ended with Enzo getting down on one knee and asking Diana to marry him. Tears were shed, kisses were exchanged, and a ring was… eh, we’ll get to that part later.

“You might expect Diana to be like, ‘Give me the ring that I want!’ but when she asks about the ring, I think she’s really just stalling because she doesn’t know what to do with the emotions she’s feeling,” Miriam Shor tells TVLine of the long-awaited moment. “It’s funny, I don’t actually wear a wedding ring in real life, and I’m married. I’m just like, ‘I don’t need a ring. I’ve got an indelible love affair that’ll last me the rest of my life. What do I need with jewelry?’”

As for whether Diana will become a full-on bridezilla — as viewers likely expect, and perhaps even hope — Shor reminds us that her character is always full of surprises: “She wants the things she wants, and she’s very specific about what she wants. But what’s fascinating about her is that in the ways that you might expect her to be a complete nightmare, she often just surprises you. And she can roll with things. She’s very surprising in that way.”

Even after six seasons, Shor still can’t believe how much the show’s fans root for her character, especially after her rocky introduction in Younger‘s early days.

“What I love to hear from people about Diana is how much they want her to be happy. That they care at all about this woman who can be very difficult in so many ways is just so delightful. The character of Enzo is such a wonderful foil for her. You really sense that he actually understands her. He’s on her level, and he never asks her not to be herself. In that way, it’s pretty fantastic that they ended up together.”

Elsewhere this week…

* With Charles back in the office, Kelsey struggled to assert her authority over her former boss — not to mention Zane, who’s proving far less amenable to his new publisher’s ideas.

* Liza discovered an unfinished manuscript, which she described as feeling like a “more sophisticated Nicholas Sparks,” about a young man who has an affair with an older woman in the Hamptons. Unfortunately, the author (Charles!) has no interest in finishing what he started.

* Speaking of Liza and Charles, the two decided to become more spontaneous in an effort to stave off the same boredom and unhappiness felt by the woman Charles slept with all those years ago. (And if Liza’s flirty “how does the story end?” conversation with Josh is any indication, Charles has his work cut out for him.)

Your thoughts on this week’s Younger? Diana’s engagement? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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