Weight loss: The best alcoholic drinks for weight loss this summer – you'll be surprised

Weight loss can be particularly hard in summer, when social commitments increase and the warm weather encourages plans.

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One thing the warm weather also encourages is drinking, which can be detrimental to achieving weight-loss goals.

A recent survey by Finder.com revealed that two thirds of Britons have no idea how man calories are in common alcoholic drinks.

Some boozy beverages can pack in as much as 155 calories per unit, with the average Briton consuming 1,815 calories per week from alcohol alone, equal to one pound of fat.

However, there are many options for drinking this summer that are more waistline friendly.

Brandy came out on top as the spirit with the lowest calorie count, containing just 50 calories per 25ml shot.

Dark in colour, brandy is usually thought of to contain more calories, but it actually packs in less than both vodka and gin.

A close second in the spirits category was vodka, which has 53 calories a shot.

Other clear spirits such as gin, white rum and tequila were also proven to be some of the best options for dieters, all having under 60 calories per shot.

Drunk with diet mixers or soda water, these spirits can offer a safer alternative to calorie-packed lagers and ciders, and even darker spirits such as whisky.

Surprisingly champagne fell in the same calorie category as clear spirits, having just 59 calories per unit.

A small glass of champagne, or indeed prosecco or cava, is the perfect summer tipple for Britons who are looking to shed pounds.

With only a few more calories than its sparkling counterparts, a small glass of dry white wine will only pack in around 85 calories.

Lengthening a small glass of white wine with soda water will keep the drink going for longer without adding any extra calories, perfect for summer dieters.

Wine and spirits aside, summer is more often than conducive to beer and cider drinking.

While beer knowingly packs in a lot more calories than white wine and spirits, there are certain beers that are more waist-line friendly.

When it comes to beer, Carling came out on top as the brew with the lowest amount of calories, with 195 calories a pint.

Kronenbourg 1664, in comparison, packs in around 250 calories.

Other ways to cut out as many calories as possible include opting for diet mixers or soda water.

The survey also revealed that dieters should stay away from sugar-laden alcopops, which can contain a staggering 155 calories per unit.

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