The One Show: ‘The least you could have done!’ Anneka Rice takes swipe at Emma Willis

The One Show welcomed Anneka Rice on to the programme today to discuss her career as it’s coming up to be 25 years since she changed people’s lives on Treasure Hunt and Challenge Anneka. 

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Today’s hosts, Emma Willis and Matt Baker, were on hand to tease who was coming up on the show and the former even had an Eighties style shirt as a clue. 

Of course, the answer could only be Anneka and as she walked out of the studio, she pointed at the violet outfit and said: “Where on Earth did you find that?”

Emma seemed pretty keen on it and admitted she was rather fond of the garish shirt.

The presenter giggled, while clutching on to the outfit: “I have to say, I quite like it!”

Anneka wondered if the show could have gone even further out to celebrate her appearance on television. 

She laughed: “The least you could have done is all dress up…”

Matt chucked: “Well, that’s true.”

The One Show celebrated Anneka’s incredible career and even welcomed some faces from her past there to surprise her.

Emma and Matt decided to play a game on Anneka, and told her she had 30 seconds to explore the studio and see if she could find the mystery clue waiting for her.

After a frantic half of a minute, she ran around the back of the set and discovered Dave the sandman, who she used to work with on Challenge Anneka.

She let out a scream as the good friends shared a friendly embrace. 

Meanwhile, The One Show viewers were loving Anneka on the BBC One stalwart and flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts. 

One said: “Is Anneka Rice a dame? If not she bloody should be. She is just so cool and lovely.”

Another added: “Anneka Rice hasn’t aged a day! I want whatever shes been taking! She looks smashing for 60!”

A third praised: “Anneka Rice has not changed much in the past 30 odd years! She still looks the same!”

Last week on The One Show, Paddy McGuiness suffered an awkward gaffe live on air

Matt and Emma welcomed the Top Gear hosts on to the show, but Paddy couldn’t get himself out of the flashy vehicle he’d arrived in. 

Matt exclaimed: “Paddy is stuck! He can’t get out!”

The One Show airs weekdays on BBC One at 7pm. 

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