The Big Bang Theory: Where did Penny Hofstadter really live? Fans spot huge plot hole

Fans of The Big Bang Theory may think they know Penny Hofstadter (played by Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard Hofstadter’s (Johhny Galecki) apartment building inside out after a staggering twelve seasons of the popular sitcom. However, fans have since spotted a huge plot hole.

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With the show running for a total of twelve years the broken down elevator and green carpeted staircase has been a common backdrop to the show.

However, fans have spotted a huge plot hole regarding the layout of the building and in particular Penny’s apartment.

Reddit user Kestrel71 began: “I love this show, but one thing that’s always bugged me is the apartment building layout not making any sense.

“Everything is oriented relative to the elevator in the centre of the building.”

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Moreover, the fan explained that Penny’s apartment couldn’t possibly be where it is due to the location of the front entrance.

They added: “The front entrance to the apartment building is in the same place as Penny’s apartment door, meaning her entire apartment (and the other floors above and below her) would have to hang out over the street.

“Which, in several episodes can be seen to clearly not be the case.”

The fan went on to cite the scene in the season nine episode titled The Viewing Party Combustion.

“Of course, the building is just a set built for the show, so the dynamics of it were only given limited thought” added another.

Meanwhile, another fan thinks they have found out the real story about Howard Wolowitz’ (Simon Helberg) dad.

In the season six episode titled The Closet Reconfiguration, Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) stumbled upon a letter addressed to Howard from his long-lost father.

Each of the friends took turns in telling Howard what the letter said – but only one of their tales was truthful.

Big Bang Theory fan and Reddit user Ressurection suggested everyone was lying to Howard as they were staring straight at him during their story.

But Penny looked away from Howard a few times during her story, pegging her as the one who told the truth.

If Penny’s actions during telling the story are true, Howard’s dad wasn’t who he said he was.

During the episode, she announced: “Eventually his other life caught up to him. And the only way to keep you and your mum safe was to leave.”

The Big Bang Theory is available on Netflix.

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