HTGAWM Series Finale: Asher Returns in Nightmarish Deleted Scene — Watch

RELATED STORIES Here’s one more How to Get Away With Murder mystery to add to the pile: Is Asher Millstone alive?! Ahead of the ABC drama’s series finale (airing Thursday at 10/9c), series creator Pete Nowalk has shared a deleted scene from the upcoming episode, which had to be cut for time. “Deleted scene alert: We only […]

Want Lewis or Rowling-like worlds but more nightmarish? Snag In an Absent Dream

Mild spoilers ahead. (credit: Tor Publishing) If you’re looking for a grittier, dream-edging-on-nightmare version of a world created by C.S. Lewis or J.K. Rowling, author Seanan McGuire has you covered. McGuire explores worlds that are simultaneously fascinating and frightening in her award-winning Wayward Children novella series. It’s a dark-fantasy version of a conceit you might […]

In the nightmarish DMV, a clerk sleeps 3 hours a day

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Brave The Haunted Woods And Nightmarish Horrors Of Darkwood

You won’t be defenseless in your tense travels through Darkwood‘s oppressive forests and shadowy structures. But being able to defend yourself doesn’t equal safety. With meager supplies, slipping sanity, and improvised weaponry, Darkwood pits you against dread-inducing nighttime, otherworldly horrors, and surreal atmosphere as you explore its isolated setting and meet its otherworldly inhabitants. After […]

Salma Hayek Is Stuck at a Nightmarish, Rich, White Dinner Party with Connie Britton, John Lithgow, and Half the Cast of ‘Transparent’ in New Trailer

Enlightened creator Mike White and director Miguel Arteta have reunited for another — from the looks of it — searing comedy collaboration, a decade-and-a-half after their work together on The Good Girl and Chuck and Buck. The first trailer for Beatriz at Dinner, the latest film written by White and directed by Artera, has arrived, and plunges into the experience of a […]