Maybe private ‘Black Mirror’ messages weren’t a good idea, Netflix

‘Tis the season for ominous, intrusive internet promotional campaigns. Netflix has spooked users on a Turkish equivalent to Reddit, Ekşi Sözlük, by sending them promotional direct messages meant to hype up the debut of Black Mirror‘s fourth season. The messages from “iamwaldo” (a reference to Black Mirror season two’s “The Waldo Moment”) came in the […]

Black Mirror season 4: The epic Breaking Bad reunion YOU missed – this will blow your mind

The opening episode, USS Callister, is lead by Jesse Plemons who played Todd Alquist in the hit series. Throughout Breaking Bad he acted as a sidekick to Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) and the two are brought together once more in the first instalment of the dystopian Netflix outfit.  Jesse, 29, plays a computer […]

‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Review: The Dark Anthology Series Returns to Netflix

Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s dark, twisted, technology-driven Twilight Zone riff, is about return to Netflix for yet another season of woe and punishment. There’s a cold cosmic justice at work in Black Mirror; a sense that any transgression, no matter how mundane, will be met with the bleakest of punishments. It can often make for […]

Black Mirror Season 4 Review: All Six Episodes, Graded and Ranked

It’s that time of year again: time to get the pants scared off of you by terrifying tales of technology run amok. Yes, friends, Black Mirror is back. Season 4 of Netflix’s sci-fi anthology has arrived, with six new standalone episodes set in their own slightly altered reality where futuristic tech goes terribly wrong. This […]

Black Mirror season 4: How to stream the entire Netflix season online FOR FREE

Black Mirror is back. Charlie Brooker’s hugely-successful anthology series is back with a new six-episode run. The bleakly satirical show originated on Channel 4, before making the jump to video on-demand service Netflix for its third season last year. Black Mirror is back with six new episodes, entitled USS Callister, ArkAngel, Crocodile, Hang the DJ, […]

Black Mirror season 4: Producer reveals star caused major shake-up ‘She challenged us’

Each of the six episodes that make up season four will exclusively feature a female lead but executive producer Annabel Jones has revealed she and creator Charlie Brooker never planned it that way.  “Charlie and I don’t tend to think about the stories in that way. Sometimes, it just comes out,” she explained.  “But it’s […]

Black Mirror season 4 release time: What time is Black Mirror on Netflix?

What time does Black Mirror season 4 drop on Netflix? Netflix will release Black Mirror season four all in one go tomorrow (December 29). The show will be available on the internet streaming service in America from midnight.  British fans will be able to watch the series from 8am on the same day.  The release […]

What’s on TV: ‘Black Mirror,’ ‘Bill Nye’ and bowl games

As the time ticks down until 2018, we have a few new debuts scheduled for this week. Netflix is coming out swinging, with a new season of Black Mirror, season two of its Bill Nye series, the third season of Lovesick (fka Scrotal Recall) and new comedy specials from Dave Chappelle (Equanimity & The Bird […]

Black Mirror season 3 recap, episode guide: What happened in series 3 of the drama?

Season three was the first cycle of Black Mirror to be released on Netflix after the previous runs and Christmas special were broadcast by Channel 4. Black Mirror season 3 episode guide Nosedive  Starring Hollywood actress Bryce Dallas Howard, Nosedive was set in a world where all social interactions were rated in a Uber-style app […]

Black Mirror season 5 release: Series to end after season 4? Charlie Brooker drops hint

The hit dystopian series is back at the end of the year with six gripping episodes: USS Callister, ArkAngel, Crocodile, Hang the DJ, Metalhead and Black Museum.  However, when asked exclusively by ahead of season four’s launch whether this would be the last series, Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones remained tight-lipped.  Writer Charlie joked: […]