Blatant clone or marketing hoax? The curious case of Tokyo 41 and Tokyo 42

Alleged footage from an emulated version of Tokyo 41. The game industry isn’t a stranger to accusations that a new game is just a lightly reskinned clone of another title. But there’s that, and then there’s the “cloning” debate surrounding Tokyo 42 and its alleged inspiration, a 30-year-old ZX Spectrum and PC game called Tokyo […]

Indian navy officer detained for causing hoax bomb scare on flight

Published time: 6 Aug, 2017 21:40 An Indian navy officer was detained Sunday for causing a bomb scare on a flight from Delhi to Jaipur. The passenger allegedly claimed to have planted a bomb on the plane when he was denied permission to exit the aircraft at a stopover in Jodhpur. Officials say the officer […]

A Top Trump Aide Reportedly Handed Him — In All Seriousness — a Hoax Time Magazine Cover

A deputy national security adviser to President Trump reportedly handed him — in all seriousness — a hoax Time magazine cover, Politico reported Monday, citing four White House sources. KT McFarland reportedly gave Trump a printout of two Time covers — one, which was supposedly from the 1970s, warned of a coming ice age, while […]

The $1.6 Billion Hoax

In the third week of January, an Israeli named Yoni Ariel flew from Tel Aviv to Rome carrying $ 9,000 in cash on a secret mission to bring down Donald Trump. There, he met with an Italian businessman. Seated at a table toward the rear of a café, away from the street where they might […]

Greenberg sickened by Simona charity hoax

Video Image Simona deregistered by NRL 2:50 NRL: Chief Executive Officer Todd Greenberg confirms the termination of Tim Simonas contract after its investigation into the Wests Tigers centre confirmed he had bet against his own team. March 10th 2017 2 hours ago /video/ Tim Simona in action for Wests Tigers last year. The Daily Telegraph […]