BBC News: ‘Disappointing’ Viewers in uproar over heatwave report as they spot huge gaffe

BBC Breakfast returned to BBC One this morning with the team of presenters scattered across several locations to bring viewers the programme.  Charlie Stayt was live from Westminster with the latest in politics, while Naga Munchetty started off in the studio in Salford before taking the broadcast outside to enjoy the sunshine.  All this week, […]

BBC weather forecast: HEATWAVE to end as THUNDERSTORMS spread across the UK

The heatwave is not expected to last past today as metrologist Carol Kirkwood reported that a weather front will cause widespread downpours across Britain. Carol told BBC Breakfast viewers: “Today there’s a bit of a change happening in the weather. “It’s going to be cool in the north and the west, but still hot in […]

Sleep – the trick you can do with a household item to help you fall asleep in a heatwave

The body needs enough sleep to help it function properly, according to the NHS. Not getting enough sleep is bad for your mental and physical health. Regular poor sleep increases your risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. If you’re struggling to fall asleep in the hot temperatures, you could do this quick trick to help you sleep faster. Swap your duvet and sheets […]

BBC weather forecast: VENGEFUL heatwave to return with highs of up to 33C in Britain

Forecasters are reporting a rise in temperature for the end of the week as another band of warm air sweeps the country. The best of the sunshine is meant to be in the south, where heatwaves could reach a sweltering 33 degrees Celsius on Friday. However, northern and western areas will see a little bit […]

Spain heatwave: Temperatures to reach 40 degrees – this is how to stay safe in the heat

Spain temperatures are set to soar tomorrow to at least 40 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country as Spain experiences its first heatwave warning of the year. Night time will bring no relief from the heat either as the Spanish national Met Office predicts temperatures to be above 20 degrees Celsius. According to […]

Heat exhaustion symptoms: Headache? Signs the heatwave is making you unwell

Heat exhaustion symptoms may be unpleasant for the sufferer and can come on suddenly. Caused by high temperatures, Britons may be particularly at risk during this summers heatwave. The condition is “not serious”, according to the NHS, but can lead to some uncomfortable symptoms. “It usually gets better when you cool down,” they continued online. […]

Heatwave UK: Why sleeping with a fan on at night is bad for your health

The UK has been plunged into a heatwave with record summer temperatures set to hit this week. While the heat is a welcome surprise for those looking for some Spanish-style weather, others worry how they’re going to get enough sleep in the heat during the night. A popular quick-fix to cool the bedroom down is […]

How to get rid of flies: Heatwave sends black flies into YOUR home – tips to put them off

Flies in your home are more likely during the present heatwave climate. This includes a biting species of fly known as black flies. Black flies are tiny, black or grey coloured, and have short legs. Black flies are insects which are part of the Simuliidae family of insects. They can lead to health issues such […]