Christine Blasey Ford has become the target of a social media disinformation campaign after accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault

REUTERS/Yuri Gripas Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the California psychology professor who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when the two were in high school in the 1980s, has become the target of a disinformation campaign on social media. False rumors meant to discredit Ford are making the rounds on social media, […]

Moscow slams western media ‘disinformation campaign’ about OPCW experts being denied entry to Douma

Western media are waging an “unscrupulous disinformation campaign” by claiming Moscow and Damascus are “blocking” OPCW inspectors from accessing the site of an alleged chemical attack in Douma, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. “It was Russia that supported the request of the Syrian government to the Director General of the Technical Secretariat of the [Organization […]

McMaster: US has seen signs of Russian ‘subversion and disinformation’ in upcoming Mexican election

REUTERS/Grigory Dukor National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said in mid-December that the US had seen signs of Russia interference in Mexico’s upcoming presidential election. Analysts and officials have warned for some time about the potential for Russian attempts to influence the result of that vote. Such interference would likely be part of an effort to […]

Thou shalt not report fakes: Pope Francis says bias & disinformation ‘a grave sin’

Published time: 17 Dec, 2017 09:52 Sensationalism is a grave sin, Pope Francis has warned. News should encourage a healthy critical sense, the pontiff said, in an attack on media bias which implied that tittle-tattle is as deadly as lust, sloth and gluttony. “We must not fall prey to the ‘sins of communication’: disinformation – […]

UK warns East Europe against ‘hostile Russia,’ plans to spend £100mn to tackle ‘disinformation’

Published time: 24 Nov, 2017 04:29 Edited time: 24 Nov, 2017 04:37 The UK plans to spend £100 million over five years to counter what it calls a Russian “disinformation” campaign, Downing Street has said, releasing key points of PM Theresa May’s Eastern Partnership summit speech where she plans to fully outline her anti-Russia strategy. […]

The most important part of Facebook’s disinformation strategy is what it leaves out

After months of hand-wringing over Facebook’s role in the 2016 election, the company has finally laid out its response. Over 13 pages, a report today details a comprehensive plan for dealing with what Facebook calls “information operations” — any sustained attempt by an organized force to distort public discourse. The report frames those campaigns as […]