The ‘Black Mirror’ Cameos You My Have Missed, Plus ‘USS Callister’ Spin-Off a Possibility

Black Mirror season 4 dropped onto Netflix just before the end of 2017, which means you’re likely all caught-up on it by now, right? If so, come along with me on a journey through a list of Black Mirror cameos you may have missed! Also: the director of the Black Mirror episode “USS Callister” says he’s more […]

Black Mirror season 4: What happened to Captain Daly at the end of USS Callister?

The opening instalment, USS Callister, sees computer genius Robert Daly (played by Jesse Plemons) taking out his frustrations on his colleagues in an extreme virtual reality game, Infinity.  Robert plays the role of Captain Daly on the spaceship USS Callister in the Star Trek-inspired simulated world. The crew are made up of his real-life co-workers, […]

‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Trailer: ‘U.S.S. Callister’ Boldly Goes Where ‘Black Mirror Has Never Gone Before

We see what you did there, Netflix. By releasing individual trailers for each of Black Mirror season 4’s six episodes, you managed to get us to write about your show six times instead of once. In the words of a doomed dinosaur wrangler learning he’s met his match: clever girl. Anyway, the final Black Mirror […]