Should There Be Racial and Gender Quotas for the U.S. Congress? We Asked, You Answered

Last week, we asked: Should there be racial and gender quotas for the U.S. Congress?You answered, and here are your thoughts, edited for clarity.

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Niko Zagame, Manitowoc, Wisconsin

How about term limits so we don’t have career politicians? The presidency has a two-term limit, which is eight years. Why not similar term limits for senators and representatives?

James W. Wiley, Harleysville, Pennsylvania

Not yet. But we should do a whole lot more to organize our families, friends and neighborhoods to more strongly represent our views and interests. End gerrymandering. Caucuses, collaborations, unions, affinity groups and power groups all are too little utilized in American politics. Two parties end up [being] too much like winner takes all. Proportional representation or perhaps proportional voting might spread the power base more equitably among positions and views.

Jennifer Foxworth Boswell

Nope. But we should do something to change the way politicians and aspiring politicians campaign so we have the best chance to vote for a person with our best interests at heart, and not the person who had the best resources and financial backing. Establishing quotas would mean the best person for the job may get passed over because of the need for a specific gender or race.

Matt Daniel, Wilhoit, Arizona

No. Short, strict term limits, a federal job guarantee, socialized medicine and a living wage is how to manage corruption at the federal level.

Meg Garstang

No. We should end gerrymandering, remove barriers to voting, educate our children in civics, repeal Citizens United and elect our own representatives regardless of gender, race or any other external characteristic.

Tim Shehane

How would such a quota be enforced with each state and voting district selecting their own representation?

Leonard Wahl

Then why have an election?

Michael McMillen

There should be at least some requirements for intelligence and reasoning skills. You can’t have a gender quota since half the people today don’t know what they are. Which brings us back to intelligence.

Julia J. Shaw, Worcester, Massachusetts

Just being a woman, or being of color, means little to nothing about their politics. Campaign finance reform would help a lot more to restore democracy.

Ray Fischer

Moot issue. Any change would require a constitutional amendment, and that ain’t gonna happen.

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