Remarkable Higher Education Statistics [Curated in 2020]

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Did you know the global number of students enrolled in higher education is expected to reach a whopping 262 million by 2025? That’s just one of the incredible higher education statistics we’re going to share with you today. The article we have in store for you is your golden ticket to find out all about university life nowadays and the latest trends in higher education.

As we mentioned, the number of students getting into higher education is growing steadily. What’s more, it seems that studying abroad is also getting more popular lately, as students are looking into new ways to get into the university of their dreams and engage in meaningful cultural exchange. 

If you explore the statistics in the following article you’ll find out the male/female ratio of students as well as whether students prefer to enroll in private or public universities. Also, along with such information, you’ll find out about the university education systems in most countries as well as the issues students struggle to cope with – such as student debt.


The thing is:

Almost every college student is trying to get away from the vicious circle that student debt is throwing them into. But in which countries do students have the highest student debt?

Check out the article below and get a grasp on the most important higher education statistics from the last couple of years!

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