PS Plus 2019: PS4 free games news and PlayStation Plus update

New Deals and rewards are available to add to your PS Plus account this week, alongside the usual free games from Sony PlayStation.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store until early April.

UK PlayStation Plus subscribers have access to a special range of rewards as part of their account.

The official PlayStation site is currently offering fans the chance to get a NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pass for free.

This digital offer makes it possible to watch a full week of Premier League footy on your PS4.

Fans can also claim free loot for certain games they play using their PS Plus account.

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play title currently available to download on PS4. And if you’re a big fan of the game, you can also claim some free in-game loot.

The Mirror of Discovery: Verdant Terran Sword Pack can be found on the PlayStation Store now.

It adds a replica of the Emperor’s Sword to your account and can be used in melee combat to defeat the Terran Empire.

You must have completed the tutorial to claim it and will also three Research and Development Packs and one Small XP Boost.

And it won’t be that long before we find out what new PS Plus free games will be added to the service in April.

Sony has a set routine that allows them to announce their new free PS4 games before the end of the current month.

This means that the tech giant will not be dropping the news in the coming days, although, they could reveal something else.

Sony has been offering free PS4 game trials during the weekends, so something like that could be announced soon.

However, it won’t be until the last Wednesday of the month before we find out what new free PS4 games will be released during April 2019.

So far, there have been no hints or leaks suggesting what could be included in the new bundle.

It should also be noted that the PlayStation Plus free games lineup was recently changed.

The removal of free PS3 and PS Vita games is the biggest tweak, meaning that April 2019 will not feature any free titles for those gaming devices.

But fans will want to check out the next PS Plus announcement from Sony, in case something new is being added.

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