Peaky Blinders season 5: Tommy Shelby’s fate confirmed in massive creator bombshell

Peaky Blinders fans have spent four seasons watching the Shelby family go through all manner of horror, and been the cause of much of it themselves.

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No one was expecting the beloved Grace Shelby (Annabelle Wallis) – Tommy’s (Cillian Murphy) wife and mother of his son – to be killed in season three of the BBC period drama.

And there was continued heartbreak in season four when John Shelby (Joe Cole) was murdered in a shower of bullets by the Italian mafia.

It even seemed in the season four finale like Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) had also been killed in the middle of a boxing match, and viewers were already devastated over the loss.

But it turned out his death was an elaborate ruse concocted by Tommy to rid the family of their Italian enemies once and for all.

Given the gangsta drama’s history fans are already uneasy over what season five has in store.

But they needn’t be worried according to executive producer Steven.

The genius writer told and other media that all the main Shelby players will survive til the final episode of the entire series.

Does this mean Tommy is completely safe from harm as his journey into the 1930s goes forward?

Or was the show’s creator simply trying to throw fans off the scene so they’ll be bowled over when the real surprises come?

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Asked directly if Polly, Arthur, Ayda (Sophie Rundle) and Tommy are all going to make it to the end of the series, Steven’s answer was surprisingly direct.

Leaning forward, the creator declared: “Yes.”

“Oh my agent is here!” Helen joked. “Thank you kind sir. Steve?” As the creator nodded and confirmed that all the main Shelby characters would survive once more.

But Helen shook her head at the comments, warning people, “He’s not going to tell you is he?”

What is the truth? Fans will have to wait to find out if the executive producer faces a change of heart along the way. 

Star Helen McCrory was then reminded about a line from a previous series where Aunt Polly had seemingly lost everything.

She said: “‘I’ve killed a man, lost a man, lost a son, gained a son, nearly lost my own life…” and was asked what more she could do in season five. 

“Oh yeah don’t take my plotline away from me!” Helen exclaimed jokingly. “She can go through a lot! You’re not gonna be my agent! Yeah I think that’s what’s interesting about her, you know, as you say her relationships with men, Steve has given that to Tommy and to Polly and actually the women and the men in Peaky Blinders do try and find love.

“They’re not… for Tommy… everybody likes being solitary but I feel like people like being alone, and that’s true for this family. And they are all searching for love. And he plays with this whole idea of, can a bad person become good? If a bad person does a good act, does that make the act bad? These people – even gun-wielding, eye slitters, need a bit of love,” the star added with a smile. 

Peaky Blinders season five returns to BBC One later this year.

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