Landing a Job in the World of Virtual Recruiting

The job market is tough these days, and it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd to get hired. Working with a remote recruiter could be exactly what you need to get ahead in this tough job market. Some of the perks of working with a recruiter virtually include saving time, expanding your network, and easily finding roles that match your requirements. Working with a recruiter can be a win-win scenario that makes your job hunt more efficient. Follow these 3 tips below to improve your chances of landing a job by working with a recruiter remotely:

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1.  Ask your personal contacts for recruiter referrals 

First, ask your contacts— friends, family, previous employers, mentors, and your university alumni network— to recommend recruiters to you. They might be able to introduce you to qualified recruiters based on their own positive experiences. When you know you can’t meet a recruiter in person, mutual connections are helpful to break the ice.

2.  Research your recruiters before working with them

Be sure to do your own research before you work with any recruiter, even if someone is highly recommended. Consider if the recruiter is organized, trustworthy, and tech-savvy. Also, the recruiter should be responsive, professional, and knowledgable about your industry. What is the recruiter’s online reputation? Some of the best recruiters tend to be niche and industry-focused experts. It’s extremely important to vet recruiters before you invest time working with them.

3.  Work towards building rapport with recruiters virtually

Online recruiters know you’re working with multiple different people, but try not to advertise it. Use your organizational method of choice, like an Excel sheet, to manage information about your recruiters. Send them thoughtful emails that prove you remember small details about your interactions with them. Since you can only be judged by your online interactions, it’s worth it to make sure you’re a pro communicator so you leave a positive impression.

As you navigate the post-pandemic business world, working with a recruiter can help you level up your job search. If you’re new to working with recruiters, don’t be surprised if it’s a slow or discouraging start. Fostering high quality, personal recruiter relationships takes time. Check out some tips below from LiveCareer for successfully working with recruiters in an exclusively virtual job search:

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How to Work With a Virtual Recruiter

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