ITV This Morning: Eamonn Holmes ABSENT as Ruth Langsford explains ‘There’s an accident’

Eamonn Holmes, 59, was missing from the beginning of today’s show, as Ruth Langsford, 59, appeared on screen by herself.

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The This Morning presenter began the show by explaining her husband Eamonn was stuck in traffic and would be joining her later on in the programme.

Ruth said there had been a “terrible accident”, which would have blocked up the roads and explained why she had arrived before her husband to the ITV studios.

Taking to Twitter, viewers were confused by Eamonn’s whereabouts, as one posted: “Er why aren’t Ruth and Eamonn travelling to work together? #ThisMorning #WheresEamonn.”


Beginning the show, Ruth said: “Good morning. Welcome to your Friday This Morning with me, Ruth Langsford, and it’s normally with my husband Eamonn Holmes.

“But, there’s a terrible accident that’s happened in London today and there’s complete traffic gridlock.

“So, he’s nearly here, he’s on his way, he’s fine,” Ruth clarified, adding: “So, I’ll start this on my own,” before going on to speak about the latest antics to occur in the Love Island villa.

Ruth went ahead and gave the first interview with guest Adam Lambert, 37, on her own before the show went to a break in which time, Eamonn had made it to the studio.

As the programme returned, Eamonn explained why he was so late, joking it was something to do with guest David Blaine, 46, making reference to an infamous interview the veteran presenter held with the magician in 2001 where the American personality gave very sparse answers to his questions.

Eamonn told viewers: “I made it through a traffic jam, through the centre of London brought to me by David Blaine.”

As the host continued to joke, Ruth asked: “You think it was him?” to which Eamonn replied: “Yeah, I thought this was another bit of hocus pocus.”

Speaking with David from backstage, Eamonn asked: “London’s at a standstill, are you to blame?,” to which the magician quipped: “I needed the extra time, yeah.”

Later on in the show, Eamonn and David came face-to-face where the magician explained his interview with the presenter 18 years ago was all a stunt to get attention of the people backstage.

David then performed a number of magic tricks with the pair, which left Ruth utterly gobsmacked at the illusions happening in front of her.

Following the unexplained phenomena, Eamonn and Ruth carried on with the rest of the programme.

On yesterday’s show, regular presenters Holly Willoughby, 38, and Phillip Schofield, 57, got caught up in a bit of mischief as they both descended into hysterics.

Speaking of an upcoming segment, Phillip explained a shepherdess would be joining the hosts to cook up a hearty dish in the kitchen.

Bursting into laughter, Holly expressed apologies for losing control of her composure, with Phillip then struggling to hold back the giggles.

Tying to explain herself, Holly said: “Flock/cook close together…” but was overthrown by the giggles agin, with Phillip stepping in to add: “That’s about as dangerous as it’s got recently.

“It could’ve been anything, it could’ve been anything,” the host exclaimed, before the presenters shifted to a link to a pre-recorded interview.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.

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