ITV Good Morning Britain: ‘Sorry!’ Susanna Reid forced to apologise for TWO huge blunders

Technical difficulties are to be expected on live television and Good Morning Britain is no different.

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ITV’s morning programme has suffered its fair share of technical difficulties over the years.

Today, the programme experienced two blunders one after the other and host Susanna Reid was forced to apologise to viewers.

The first technical issue came with the Good Morning theme music cutting out when the show came back after an advert break.

There was also an issue with the camera which seemed to be filming at an unusual angle.

“We should have had the Dancing Queen music then instead,” joked Susanna who was referring to Theresa May’s speech yesterday in which she walked on stage to the famous ABBA track.

This blunder was almost immediately followed with another one when the sound cut out yet again during a segment on Russian hackers.

“Terribly sorry about the technical difficulties we’re having in the studio this morning,” said Susannah.

She continued: “Especially considering the subject matter.”

Her co-host, Ben Sheppard, then suggested that there might be Gremlins in the studio creating havoc.

“One or two Gremlins in the studio this morning,” he joked.

Actor Warwick Davis was on the show later on and Ben revealed that they’ve also been having problems with the chairs in the studio.

The Star Wars actor was on the show with his wife who was talking about her struggles with sepsis.

However, Warwick seemed to be very low down next to his wife and it was because of a problem with the chairs.

“We’ve had a few technical problems from eight o’clock. We don’t know why,” said Susannah.

However, Warwick seemed to take the whole situation with his usual good humour.

“I thought I seemed rather lower down than usual,” joked Warwick.

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan was noticeably absent from the show yesterday.

He was instead in Scotland for a spot of golfing at The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in St Andrews rather than hosting Good Morning Britain.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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