Inherent security bugs in Apple devices required the use of VPNs

It is hard to imagine that a company with $62.9 billion in revenues over the last quarter of 2019 was unable to find the worst ever bug in iOS history. Rather, it was 14-year old teenage boy.

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It is called the FaceTime bug that made it possible to monitor audio and video content undetected. It was found that this bug appeared in Apple iPhone and iPhone that had iOS 12.1 or higher version running.

But most importantly, this bug was detected during a Group FaceTime call. A further research revealed that callers could eavesdrop the Apple device of the other party before even the call is made.

So, in order to exploit the inherent security bugs, all you need to do is:

  • Call a person using FaceTime
  • From the bottom of the screen, swipe up
  • Select ‘Add Person’
  • Add your Own Phone Number

Apple was quick to notice, and issued a statement claiming that it will soon going to fix this problem.

In the meantime, Apple discontinued its FaceTime feature on both iPhone and iPad. It is also expected that Apple would soon launch its fix in the next iOS version which is iOS 12.1.4.

Having said that, the next version will be critical. But what if it doesn’t? Why should you always remain under the threat of a bug monitoring your entire data over the phone? Not anymore.

We will be telling you a simple fix that goes by the name Virtual Private Network that will help you secure your iPhone and iPhone.

VPN is an app or a software that protects your data whenever you’re connected to the internet or offline. It creates a tunnel through which all your data is transferred that has a 256-bit encryption, which is impossible to decrypt by any hacker, ISP, or even the government.

A guide on best VPN for iPhone clearly defines which VPN service makes a perfect fit for your iPhone and iPad.

A small advice, never trust a free VPN service when you can purchase a premium one. However, if you still want to get a free one, then my advice would be to go for the free VPN for iPhone that will do a lot of good to you.

If you happen to choose any other VPN services or want to compare between the many providers, I would recommend to have a look at VPNRanks that provides unbiased reviews.

Another suggestion for iOS users is to never install third-party apps. Always install the top apps for iOS device and make your life easier.

The Takeaway

Sooner or later, Apple is going to fix this problem. But how would you prevent other bugs that haven’t yet been explored? This is a tough question to answer, but we always have the solution in terms of a VPN app available for IOS.

Never you have to worry about data theft and online privacy once you have a VPN installed.

Post Author: Shahmeer Baloch

Shahmeer Baloch
Shahmeer Baloch is a marketing professional-turned-tech writer who despite had a successful career at Evyap made a drastic change when his interest in technology and international cyber laws became evident. Baloch’s love for new technology is profound and well addressed. Loves to play tennis on weekends. Author Website URL: Author Twitter Account:

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