Important Tips to Help you Scale up your Landscape Business

Two of the key criteria for building a successful landscaping business are uncompromised focus on customer experience and the use of the right kind of tools & technology. If you own a landscaping business and are wondering how to scale it up, then this blog will help you in understanding what you should be focusing upon, what kind of technology or tool you should use to improve the customer experience.

Get the basics right: There are some of the things that are basics and you must get those right. The first is to create your business plan. As you understand you are not the only player competing in the market, so you have other rivals, who are offering what you have to offer, with minor or no variations. So one of your objectives is to beat the competition, and for this, you need to have a USP( unique selling point). Even if landscaping services are of a similar kind, yet there should be some unique and innovative aspects to your service. It can be anything, maybe the fastest service delivery, quick turnaround time, competitive rates, new designs, some complementary service, referral programs, etc. Thus, think of a good USP!

Market yourself: You must not shy away from telling people that you exist, for which you must market yourself rigorously. When you focus on marketing, always rely on contemporary techniques only. Use of the traditional ways like advertising in newspapers, referral programs, hoardings, or anything, can be used if you think it can make a difference but your prime focus should be on what is contemporary at the current times. For instance, at present your marketing can’t miss social media. Your business must have a Facebook page or an Instagram page. You are dealing with a business of aesthetics and have good scope to post pictures of your work. Regularly post about your work, grow your social media reach, and tell people that you are passionate about beautifying their landscape spaces.

Get the right tech tools: Without the aid of technology, it is not possible to exist in the current competitive market in the long run. Thus, you must invest in technology and tools to automate your field operations. You can rely on Landscape management software that can transform your field operations into auto mode. The software can automate a range of field operations such as job scheduling, and dispatching of landscapers, work order management, inventory management, route planning, performance tracking, etcAutomation brings in accuracy and precision in processes and saves the workforce from various productivity leaks. Your field workforce can be more productive in their job roles when they are handy with the right kind of tools. For instance, using the landscape scheduling software, you can track the locations of all your landscapers in real-time. Thus, whenever, you receive an Adhoc service request that needs to be attended on an urgent basis, you can simply use the software to identify who is the nearest available landscaper, then with a simple ‘drag and drop method, you can make adjustments to the schedule calendar, and assign the ad-hoc service request to a nearby available landscaper.

Focus on customer experience: You understand that customers are king and they have no dearth of service providers. So, they have become choicey, and customer experience is one of the key differentiators based on which they make their choices. There are market studies that reveal that customers are even ready to pay more to get a better customer experience. 74% of the overall landscaping business depends on repeat customers, thus customer experience is of much importance to you.

As you endeavor to build customer experience, landscape business management software can help you effectively. Its automated features speed up the processes, reduce errors, bring in transparency, and improves accountability. All these facilitate on-time service delivery. Also, it supports other customer-convenience features like automated service status updates, on-site invoice generation, and payment settlement through third-party integration.


Do you know that the landscaping industry is growing at a good rate since 2014, and it is quite a lucrative business domain? However, building and flourishing a business in the landscaping space. To flourish in this domain of work, you need to take up significant work in terms of quantity and quality also, then also you will be able to achieve the desired profit margin. The use of landscape CRM software brings in automation in your business processes and improves the productivity and work efficiency of your field workforce. Thus, enabling you to take up more projects and earn better profits.

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