HTGAWM Recap: A Very Hairy Situation

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How to Get Away With Murder is quickly closing in on its season — and, uh, potentially series? — finale, which means there are a few ground rules to adhere to while watching new episodes: Assume that every character is lying about something terrible; expect your heart rate to spike in the last five minutes of every installment; and never, ever assume that Laurel Castillo’s family is out of the picture for good.

Read on for the details of “Make Me the Enemy”:

SIBLING RIVALRY | The mystery file that Gov. Birkhead gave Annalise last week contains Emmett Crawford’s phone records, which indicate that just moments after Annalise quit her job at Caplan & Gold a few months back, Emmett called one of the prison guards that was present at the time of Nate Sr.’s death. At first, Annalise is skeptical of the records (and she has good reason to be, considering the extremely shady governor provided them). But Tegan later brings Annalise into her office at the firm, and she reveals that she called in a favor to obtain Emmett’s real phone records — and they match the document that the governor gave Annalise.

And that’s not the only evidence against Emmett: In one of the letters that Nate Sr. had written Annalise’s mother, he described a visit from “some slick lawyer” who wanted Nate Sr. to fire Annalise as his representation and hire him instead. Plus, Nate gets his hands on a grainy image from the prison’s security camera, and it shows Nate Sr. meeting with a man who is dressed in a suit with his hair slicked back. The mystery man can only be seen from the back — and the photo is seriously pixelated — but it sure does look like Emmett from behind.

Later that night (after going on a dinner date with Annalise that was an unmitigated disaster), Emmett barges into Annalise’s apartment and reveals that he’s had Tegan’s Caplan & Gold office bugged ever since the Antares debacle, and he heard Tegan present Annalise with his real phone records. He insists that he had nothing to do with Nate Sr.’s death, and that he’d been genuinely thrilled to go on a date with Annalise until he realized she thought he was responsible for Nate Sr.’s murder.

While Annalise and Emmett are duking it out at home, Bonnie presents Nate and Frank with the actual video footage from the prison’s security cameras (which she obtained by blackmailing the prison warden, as one does!). They watch as Nate Sr. meets with Mr. Slick Lawyer Who Looks Like Emmett From the Back — but when the man in the suit finally turns around, they realize it isn’t Emmett, after all. Neither Bonnie nor Nate recognizes the guy, but Frank does, and he immediately calls Annalise to tell her that Emmett didn’t visit the prison that day: It was actually Laurel’s brother, Adrian Castillo.

Elsewhere in the hour…

* Laurel enlists Frank’s help to find out who has mysteriously been calling and hanging up on her for the last few days. With the help of a tech-savvy associate, Frank traces the phone number that has been dialing Laurel — but it’s a New York number that has since been disconnected. Later, in the final moments of the episode, Laurel receives a package at home that is suspiciously the same size and shape as the delivery that contained Christopher’s baptism gown.

Michaela tries to assure Laurel that the package must be from her mom, then — but it’s not from Laurel’s mother. Rather, the package is her mother. In one of the series’ more stomach-turning moments, Laurel opens the box to find a tasteful gift bag… that contains her mother’s red hair, with scalp still attached to it. (Did I gag a little bit while typing that sentence? Yep. Sure did.)

* Realizing that Laurel is still furious with her for potentially scarring Christopher at the wedding, Bonnie apologizes to Laurel for any damage she may have caused the baby. With tears in her eyes, Bonnie reveals that she never had any adults looking out for her when she was a child, and she’ll never forgive herself now that she’s the adult inflicting harm on a baby. “What if I forgive you instead?” Laurel asks Bonnie, though Bonnie insists that it’s not Laurel’s job to absolve her of her guilt.

* The good news: After working a little hacking magic, Oliver succeeds in getting his laptop back from the FBI. The bad news: Oliver’s computer automatically takes a photo of anyone trying to access his encrypted files — and upon getting his computer returned, Oliver finds a photo of Agent Telesco, who was attempting to get past the firewall. Even more concerning? In the background of the Telesco photo, the Keating Five can clearly see her “Operation Bonfire” whiteboard, which reveals that the FBI knows all of the shady things that have gone down at Middletown in the last few years. (Relatedly, I really wish Telesco had named her investigation “Operation Twirling Cheerleader.”)

* Speaking of Telesco, she unexpectedly shows up at Gabriel’s door (even after getting suspended!), telling him that she can provide information on who really killed his father — and he seems very intrigued by her offer.

OK, your turn! What did you think of Thursday’s Murder? Lingering theories as we head into the finale? Drop ’em all in a comment below!

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