How To Write the Perfect SEO-friendly Meta Descriptions as recommended by Expert Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto

How To Write the Perfect SEO-friendly Meta Descriptions as recommended by Expert Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto

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The first and the foremost thing that I’ll like to discuss here is “what is meta description?”

The meta description’s a bit of HTML code which appears in the <head> section of a webpage. You can look it up yourself by right-clicking on any web page and then clicking on “Page source.”

Here’s what it should look like.

It’s basically a staple part of the meta data of a page. The meta description tells the search engines (like bing, google etc.) the brief description of a specific page.

 Meta description is always important in search engine optimization. But it has been found that many businesses ignore the meta description of their respective websites because they feel that they don’t play a big role in improving their search engine rankings.

An amazing meta description probably won’t help you rank better but it’s more than capable of getting you more target visitors. So naturally, you should pay a little bit of heed to this matter.

Here are a few tips for you to write the perfect meta descriptions.

  • Keep it useful, unique and most importantly, SHORT

This is the first thing that you should know about meta descriptions. 

If you want to get the best results, you just have to keep it unique. You must remember that search engines do not actually consider meta descriptions as a ranking factor but they do consider them to find out whether potential pages are related to spam or not. 

Hence, it’s necessary to create unique meta descriptions to keep search engine spam categorizations at bay.  

And also don’t forget to keep your meta descriptions useful. Try and incorporate a call to action statement in them to invite more clicks. And the last thing is that, keep it SHORT, preferable within 160 to 200 characters(including space).

  • Use a call to action statement in your meta descriptions

Incorporating a call to action statement in your meta descriptions invite your visitors to click on your website more often than not.

Consider starting your meta descriptions with direct action verbs like “Discover”, “Learn”, “Grab” etc. to intrigue your visitors at short notice. This call to action statements definitely work.

  • Try and provide a benefit or a solution

Like I said before, you have only around 200 characters to create an impression in your audience. Better use it in the best possible way.

Provide an instant solution or a benefit. Tell your audience what they can expect to find on your site by clicking on the link. 

Just remember you don’t want your person to click on the back button immediately after clicking on your link because the things on your website didn’t exactly match the things s/he expected to find. Hence, it’s advisable to write the exact solutions offered by your site in the meta description itself.

  • DO NOT deceive your searchers

Like I said before, if your meta description is written in such a way that it deceives the searchers as a whole be prepared to see a lot of clicks on the back button almost as soon as they land on your page.

I have noticed several meta descriptions designed in such a way that it has dozens of keywords stuffed into its 160 character limits. This is a very bad practice. 

People develop the notion that using a keyword is a content is an effective practice that helps in improving their SERP results. And they also think that if they can include it 5 times in their content, their result would improve 5 times in comparison to that of the original one. 

No, it doesn’t happen like that. The search algorithms can easily detect keyword stuffing and would take necessary actions to curb the same. Remember it’s mighty difficult to fool the system. Better not try that route. 

  • Make it relevant and specific

Most average searchers doesn’t know many technicalities in a meta description and they normally expect to see a generic meta description on the web. It’s advisable for you to pursue the same route as well if you want to attract more traffic.

Do not use unnecessary fluff words. Do your utmost to connect with your audience by being specific and relevant such that they can understand it in a jiffy.


So that’s it then. Follow these rules as recommended by an experience Digital Marketing agency in Toronto as closely as possible in your SEO projects and you’ll definitely get good results in no time. Ciao!


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