How Come There Are Fewer Women than Men in Tech?

With time, women have made a huge success in every field, yet when it comes to tech, there are fewer women involved in this field. Though we know that our tech world is being shaped by many women, there are not more women in the world who will choose to opt for engineering. If you talk about software development companies, women are often underpaid, misunderstood, and repeatedly passed off from promotions. Women also face problems like hostility, sexism, and harassment in the companies, even though there are a few women there. According to a report, only 13% of recruiters around the world are likely to open a woman’s profile even after she has all the required skills for the job.

Top 4 Reasons Why There are Fewer Women than Men in Technical Jobs

Here are the top reason behind fewer women being a part of software company –

1.   Funding Discrimination

When it comes to women being a part of the tech world, one thing that they have to face is not getting grants or scholarships for higher education. Also, they don’t even get enough fundings from the VCs for their startups. There are a few reasons for that, as women cannot be a competition to men. As per a study, the majority of the women-led startups are 63% less likely to be funded in comparison to the startups led by men. The entrepreneur had come up with a survey that showed that the biggest VC funding any women-led startup got was $165 million. And in comparison to that, most of the men-led startups were given $3 billion.

2.   Harassment

Every year we read so much about female employees being harassed at their workplace and with time going by and new rules coming to the picture by the HR team, this has decreased but is still there at some level. Especially, when we talk about software development companies, there are many cases of female harassment with a few of them getting coverage. We all have heard about the Tesla case that was one which opened everyone’s eyes to the harassment every woman has to face at their workplace. And it happens that the majority of the people in the company are not even aware of it.

3.   Social Conditioning

The majority of the women do not consider a job in software development when they are thinking about their futures. And the main reason behind it is social conditioning. From a very young age, women are not guided to follow a career in the technology world. Besides this, they don’t even have strong female role models in this field to guide them. As per PWC UK, only 3% of women actually think of getting a job in tech. Even after getting a job in the technology field, there are around 56% of women who leave it at a very important point in their careers, just to be there for their family.

4.   Discrimination

It is a fact that women still face discrimination in the majority of software companies. The personals in the company don’t respect women and neither do they give influential positions to women just because they are not considered equal to men. There is a thought in people’s heads that women sound less technically than men. Besides this, most of the IT companies have a patriarchal structure because of which there are fewer women in higher positions. As per a report, 19% of women work in entry-level positions at technology companies. This shows that the gender pay gap is rampant in all the fields but more in tech.

What Steps We Should Take To Have More Women in Tech?

Here are some of the steps that every IT company should follow in order to have more women employees in their firm –

1.   Change the Mindset

To seriously have a change in the way the IT world works, there is a need to shift the mindsets of the people working in software development companies. The management must be aware of how internalized sexism is present in the workplace. Everyone must have a mindset that women can be as responsible and as technical as men and therefore they must move forward and implement structural changes. For instance, good leadership is not always about masculinity. Somebody who feels that masculine traits like competitiveness, strength, and rationality mean good leadership, then they must be made understood that besides these traits, leadership also requires important traits like sensitivity, empathy, and being caring. Therefore, it is not like only men can be in higher positions, women can also be there.

2.   Make Workspace Family-Friendly

Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube believes that jobs must be family-friendly. She herself insists on being home for dinner after work and devotes 6 pm-9 pm to her family. She offers a generous family benefits package to her employees which includes 18 weeks of paid maternity leaves and child care assistance. So, this type of initiative must be taken by all the companies at some of the other levels for the women employees to make the workplace a better place. These types of policies have proven to be very advantageous for the companies who have implemented them and follow them correctly. If these kinds of packages become the norm in all companies then they benefit the tech world.

3.   Role Models

When there are more female role models in the industry, they play an important part in showing young women that it is possible to work in the tech world. And with time passing by, we are observing some high-profile and successful tech women who are coming up with new techniques and are on the way for future innovators. To give you some names, we have Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. These women believe that getting more females into the field can be very beneficial.


Even though there are women who have done a massive amount of work in the tech industry, they are still not given the respect and position they deserve in this field. But with time, it is changing and we hope there comes a time when women in tech are equally treated as men. As seen in this blog, there are few things that the IT companies will have to do to encourage more women to join the team and will have to give proper training to the entire staff on who to behave around women.

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