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In this busy world, we aren’t taking care of our health. People are getting so busy with their work that they forget to focus on their health. Even teenagers nowadays complain about body pain. For the active working of muscles and joints, they must keep them physically active.  This can be done by practicing yoga, exercises, running, walking, etc. It is said that whether it’s a teenager or an adult, everyone should practice some physical activity regularly. 

But, sometimes excessive use of joints and muscles can also create problems. Such as, due to excessive pressure the cartilages and ligaments in the knee joint break. This creates pain in the knee joint. Sometimes, the medical conditions are treated by medications but sometimes surgery is the only way of treatment. The doctors working in hospitals for Knee Surgery in Jaipur have treated thousands of such patients. 

Types of Knee Injuries 

Some common injuries of the knee listed below:

  • ACL injury – The anterior cruciate ligament or ACL is one of the important ligaments of the knee joint. Any breakage in the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL causes severe pain in the knee. Due to this pain, the patient will not be able to walk properly. 
  • Fracture – It is the most common problem related to bones. You might have heard about the breaking of bones like the radius and ulna. Similarly, the bones forming the knee joint breaks sometimes due to accidents.
  • Torn meniscus- The meniscus cartilage works as cushions for the knee joint. Sometimes when our knee twists suddenly in weight-bearing condition, the meniscus breaks. This leads to severe pain in the knee joint.
  • Knee bursitis – It is a medical condition when the fluid-filled sacs or bursae have some inflammation in them. The bursae are responsible for reducing the friction in the knee joint 

What is Knee Surgery?

Knee surgery is described as a medical procedure where the surfaces of the knee which bear the weight are replaced. The replacement of weight-bearing surfaces in the knee relieves the pain in the knee. Generally, surgery is not preferred first because once the surgery is done; the patient will have to be very careful. First, medication is used, in cases where medication isn’t working alone in treating the knee, surgery is done. The doctors who do Knee Surgery in Jaipur are well qualified and experienced in these surgeries.

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