‘Game of Thrones’ just left the fate of a beloved fan-favorite hanging in the balance

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Game of Thrones” season seven, episode seven, “The Dragon and the Wolf.”

Season seven of “Game of Thrones” has come to an explosive end, leaving the fate of one fan-favorite up in the air. 

After barely surviving the intense battle between the wights and White Walkers beyond the Wall, Tormund stayed at Eastwatch — while Jon, Daenerys, and the others went south — to continue guarding the Wall with Beric, some wildlings, and men of the Night’s Watch. 

Tormund is walking along the top of the battlements when he hears a noise and spots the army of the dead approaching the Wall. One of the men at Eastwatch blasts the horn three times, signifying the arrival of the White Walkers and wights. As the army gets closer, they stop between the woods and the Wall, proving that the magic Benjen told Bran was within the Wall won’t let them through. 

But as the men are relishing in their brief safety, they hear another noise and a fast-moving object unleashes a blast of blue fire on the Wall, sending ice chunks flying.

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It’s the Night King riding on the undead Viserion. He managed to take control of Viserion during episode six, “Beyond the Wall,” after impaling him with an ice spear that made the dragon burst into flames and sent him crashing into the icy lake. After the wights dragged him out of the water, the Night King touched him, waking the undead dragon and turning his eyes an icy blue.

Tormund screams for the men to run as the dragon circles back. The dragon begins to shoot a non-stop stream of fire along the base of the Wall, causing it to give way and begin to tumble down, sending men to their deaths. Tormund and Beric run along the wall in an effort to escape the falling ice. The fire continues until an opening wide enough for the entire army is complete and they begin to march through.

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Show fans are freaking out about Tormund’s cliff-hanger ending. 






This can’t be the end of Tormund, can it? He survived the battle beyond the Wall when he probably should have died, and he hasn’t had time to profess his love to Brienne yet. We can only hope for his survival, but we won’t know anything until “Game of Thrones” returns for its eighth and final season

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