FreeOfficeFinder Launches Free Interactive Serviced Office Pricing Tool

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Last week released the first interactive pricing toofor private & coworking serviced office space in the UK.  

The free tool allows users to view the average desk price for serviced offices in the most popular London and UK areas. Users can also specify the number of desks needed and filter areas to compare prices in their preferred locations. 

The guide contains a customized map that enables the user to discover and compare nearby locations which may be suitable for an office move. Both prices and areas will be updated every 3 months depending on up to date pricing and the most requested areas.  

Nick Riesel, managing director of commented ‘One of the biggest challenges faced in an office search is understanding the market price for an office. This new tool eliminates that problem, allowing a user to understand the average price for different sized offices in their chosen locations within seconds.’ 

In addition to the price guide, there is also a historical chart that tracks prices across the UK serviced office market for the previous 5 years. The chart allows office providers and property journalists to understand the history of pricing in the market. 

The tool took the best part of a year to design and build, but Riesel believes it was worth it adding ‘Initial feedback for the tool has been incredible. Serviced offices are moving from a niche product to a mainstream solution so it’s proving a much-needed resource in a growing market’. 

By Matt Newel, Freelance Property Author

Post Author: Matt Newel


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