Drag Race's Latest Cast-Off Defends Herself: 'I Know What an Adjective Is!'

Listen up, America! The latest queen booted from RuPaul’s Drag Race has something she’d like to say: She’s not as dumb as she comes across on TV.

“I’m really smart, but when I’m called out of nowhere to be smart, I fail,” Kimora Blac tells TVLine of Friday’s episode, during which she asked the other contestants what an adjective is. “This is why people call me the blonde bombshell. Of course I know what an adjective is. I graduated!”

Kimora says the only reason she got flustered was because “there was so much to read on the paper. I was like, ‘I can’t do this.’” (In Kimora’s defense, that’s really not the kind of reading we’re used to seeing on this show.)

Below, Kimora answers more of TVLine’s burning questions from Friday’s episode — including who she thinks really deserved the boot:

TVLINE | I got the impression that the competition wasn’t what you were expecting it to be.
[Laughs] I truly believe that is accurate. The Kimora you saw on TV is not the Kimora people know in person. The critiques I’m getting on social media are crazy. I didn’t give it my all, but that’s what happens when stress and everything else comes into play.

TVLINE | What surprised me the most was how brazen you were about not being able to sew. You were almost proud of it.
Honestly, I’m so proud of it. I was not the only person on that season who couldn’t sew, but at least I was outspoken about it. I can sew 101, but if you want me to make you a whole catsuit, good luck. I don’t talk down about myself for not knowing these things.

TVLINE | The judges certainly talked down about you. And your paper bananas.
I had a great look on the runway. The only thing that was wrong with it was the paper bananas — and I had a reason for not using real ones. … Some of the other girls were tucking their fabrics into their thongs, and I thought it was crazy that the judges didn’t see that. But I don’t even think the judges can sew. I don’t know if they know what they’re talking about.

TVLINE | They definitely made some questionable decisions this week. Were you surprised they didn’t put Farrah in the bottom two?
[Laughs] I was very surprised.

TVLINE | What are you taking away from this whole experience? How are you growing?
I’ve learned to step out of my box. It’s not about being pretty or perfect. If Ru wants me to jump 10 feet high, I’ll jump 10 feet high. It’s almost been a year since we filmed this, and I’ve taking those extra steps to break out of my box a little bit.

Your thoughts on Kimora’s elimination? Predictions for the next queen to be ousted? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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