Best 5 Bandana Styles To Follow In This Summer

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One single bandana hair band is making your look more trendy and glamorous by adding a little spice and sexy style. In many Hollywood movies, you get to see how the bandana is changing the full attire of the heroine’s look. From the checky hairstyle to sexy evening outfits, the bandana hair band is looking glamorous with every type of outfit.

Bandanas are popular in tropical regions because this one hair accessory is giving you a stylish look and comfort. When you are doing some outdoor activity or shifting some boxes organizing the beach party. What would be the better choice than the sweet checky bandana headband?

Top 5 Bandana Style For Summer 2021

When you first sport bandana in the movies from that time to today. Every year bandana hairstyles come with a different look. But the style statement is the same because banda is a multifunctional hair accessory. One simple, colorful rectangular piece of cloth, but the functionality is so extraordinary.

Here are the five best bandana Headbands in different styles.

1.   Horsetail Holder

For achieving the perfect summer look, horsetails are the best feature to get the best look. Horsetails are the best hairstyle for every age woman. And for many women holding your horsetail is such a challenging task.

Light horsetails are the best hairstyle for achieving a beach look. And to do the light horsetails, your bandana is the perfect accessory. First, do a horsetail by using a hair tie. Then warp your horsetail with a bandana.

2.   Top Bun Wrapper

The top bun is the best to achieve the beach look. Many women prefer top bun or top hair knots to move away hair strands in front of their face. The top bun is the best feature which gives you more comfort in the summertime.

First, make a top bun with your front hair and make a small bun on the top of your head to achieve this look. Then wrap your hair with the bandana headband. This is an easy hairstyle adding so much glow to your face and adding a smart, sporty look with you.

3.   Boho Type

Boho or hippie bandana hairstyle is another good hairstyle to do. This hairstyle is very popular among beach party people and 80s music bands. Your Boho type new trendy hairstyle is making a stylish fashion statement for trendy people. To achieve this look, first, fold your bandana in a triangular shape.

First, make a long piece of cloth by second fold. And hold the middle part on your temple and smoothen out the piece. Then tie behind your head. Other than this, you can simply tie your band behind your head and avoid the second fold. This hairstyle is very trendy among beachside people. When you get sweaty due to the humid weather, this piece of cloth is soaked up by sweat.

4.   Traditional Side Knot Headband

Side knot band is the perfect example of a cheeky and sweet look. From the past to the present, this traditional side knot headband style is always in fashion. This headband style is adding a more classy and sweet look.

To achieve this look, first, fold your bandana in a triangular shape. And meet your two sides of your bandana. Then wear it like a headband. You can wear it from your front or wear it from your back in both ways you will look more stylish. But if you like to add a sweet, cheeky look, then always tie your headband from the side. Then secure your headband by adding some bobby pins.

5.   Wrap Your Braid

Regular braids are an easy go-to hairstyle for everyone. But these braids are boring hairstyles as when you are doing this style. You almost look like you are getting back to your school days.

But when you are wrapping your braids with colorful bandana hair bands, the look will be much more colorful and subtle. If you have a long-sized bandana, use your bandana as a third strand of hair in the braid and achieve the perfect stylish summer look.

Wrapping It Up:

Bandanas are the all-time favorite hair accessory among all aged women. Bandana hair bands are always adding a very trendy and classy look. Do you think our article is helping you? Do the style for the summer season, and do not forget to comment back to us.



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