BBC News: ‘Disappointing’ Viewers in uproar over heatwave report as they spot huge gaffe

BBC Breakfast returned to BBC One this morning with the team of presenters scattered across several locations to bring viewers the programme. 

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Charlie Stayt was live from Westminster with the latest in politics, while Naga Munchetty started off in the studio in Salford before taking the broadcast outside to enjoy the sunshine. 

All this week, Britain has been experiencing a heatwave, and today temperatures are set to break records for the hottest day of the year. 

This was the show’s top topic of conversation and viewers tuned in to see segments from how to keep cool, what to wear to work and health advice from the NHS. 

But there was one prerecorded section which infuriated viewers. 

Speaking directly to those watching at home, Naga introduced: “As Charlie alluded to, Britain is setting itself up for a record breaking heat today, temperatures could reach 39 degrees Celsius.

“The Met Office is warning of thunderstorms later on, it could bring flash flooding, power cuts and travel delays. Leigh Millner has more.” 

“No matter where you are in the UK, there’s no escaping the blazing heat,” the BBC reporter spoke. 

“With temperatures expected to hit 39 degrees Celsius today, health experts say we need to keep cool and hydrated.” 

She then appeared on camera and was seen holding a single-use plastic bottle in her hands. 

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“So that means carry plenty of this with you, [throws water bottle into the air] and plenty of sunscreen.

“Oh, and a top tip, if you stay inside, make sure you close your windows and keep the curtains drawn if you want to stay cool,” she concluded. 

While BBC Breakfast fans appreciated the tip to stay hydrated, many questioned why a reusable water bottle wasn’t used for the segment considering the conscious effort the nation is taking to reduce the amount of single use plastic being used. 

Taking to Twitter to comment, one said: “@BBCBreakfast can you please advise people to take reusable water bottles with them. Stop waving plastic bottles around!” 

“Can’t believe that @BBCBreakfast are saying that we need water in a SINGLE USE plastic #notgreen #notoplastic #killingtheplanet #resuseandrecycle.” a second chimed. 

“It’s nice to be out in a bit of sunshine but it is going to get too hot for many later,” he began. “Quite a remarkable spell of weather with us at the moment, it all links to what has been happening across parts of western Europe, we’ve seen temperatures soar over the past few days. 

“Let’s take a look at the temperature we have to beat today to make it the hottest day on record here in the UK. 38.5 degrees Celsius in Faversham, Kent recorded in August 2003. 

“Today we could hit 39 degrees Celsius in the south-east corner. [But] once you factor in the humidity it will feel closer to 43 degrees,” he revealed. 

It comes after yesterday’s show when viewers accused the show of “biased” reporting of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One. 

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