6 Cool Camping Gadgets You Should Have

If you enjoy camping at Michigan State Park campsites, or any campsite, there are essential gadgets that you should carry during each trip. As long as you have come cool camping gadgets with you, you are bound to enjoy the entire experience. Below are some of the cool camping gadgets that you should have. 

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1. First Aid Flashlight

Food and water are among the obvious items that you should carry when you go camping. Other essentials include a first aid kit. It’ll come in handy when you’re in remote areas. Besides having a flashlight, you should also ensure that you have a flashlight. In turn, ensure the first aid kit has essentials such as antiseptic wipes and painkillers. 


Other essential items that should be present in the first aid kit include gloves, tweezers, an emergency whistle, and a compass. You can attach the first aid kit to the outdoor gear and carry it with you at all times.


2. Portable Inverter Generator

During your camping session, you might need a portable source of power. An inverter generator can come in handy; however, it should have a rating of at least 2,000 watts for it to serve you well. The portable generator is easy to store and transport.


It has been packed with safety features, and some outlets can be used to charge your electronic devices, such as mobile phones. The outlets are safe to use, and they won’t damage your electronics. The generator doesn’t also produce a significant amount of noise, which means your neighbors won’t be disturbed. Some of these generators have an in-built ECO-mode, and it can help with fuel consumption while also ensuring the generator will run for a longer period.


3. Portable Espresso Maker

Are you fond of coffee? Then you’d like the idea of the portable espresso maker. It is compact and versatile. Most of the portable espresso makers usually make use of a semi-automatic pistol, and they can brew high-quality coffee regardless of your location. There is no need for the N20 cartridges and compressed air or electricity. You only need some coffee beans and water.

4. Portable Soft Cooler Bag

The cooler bag should have a sturdy design. It should also be stylish. Besides the appealing design, the main focus should be on the functionality such that it’ll ensure the food and drinks are chilled for prolonged periods. The cooler bag is suitable for a trip on the beach or any other expedition.


The cooler bag’s interior should be fitted with food-grade antimicrobial material that will prevent the formation of mold. It should also have an ergonomic shoulder strap with different handles on the sides and the top such that you will have numerous carrying options.


5. Instant Cabin Style Tent

The cabin-style tent will ensure you feel at home. It should be fitted with pre-attached poles. The tent should be designed in such a manner that you can set it up in 60 seconds. Some of these tents usually have a room divider and zippered windows and doors to ensure there is ventilation and privacy. The tent can have additional features such as hanging storage. There should also be a rainfly that is fully-taped and water-resistant.


6. Modular Survival Shovel

You should ensure you have the appropriate survival gear during your camping trip, such as a modular survival shovel. It is advisable to purchase a spade that is made of carbon steel. The handle should also be made of military-grade aluminum. The main focus is on ensuring you have a shovel that combines performance and durability. It should also be well-designed and lightweight.


A multipurpose shovel should include a knife, ax, saw, fire starter, bottle opener, nail puller, whistle, rope cutter, compass, among other necessities that will come in handy during the camping expedition. The manufacturer should also issue a warranty on such items. Also, it should be easy to store and be waterproof.

Final Thoughts

Before you start going camping, you should ensure you have the necessary gear. We have listed some of the gadgets listed above if you are going to enjoy your camping experience. Although the main focus was on three gadgets, we have listed additional items you may need for your camping expedition.


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