5 Reasons Why You Need DewVPN In Your Life

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In today’s digital age, privacy and security has become a concern for internet consumers and the basic solution that they can turn to is VPN. A virtual private network is a service that provides a safety blanket that will allow you to securely access the internet. It also unblocks restricted websites and disguises your location online. People put faith in VPNs to safeguard your online activity and from various threats such as hacking and phishing.

Most VPN providers offer paid services, some are free like the newest kid on the block, DewVPN. DewVPN is a free VPN provider that offers unlimited bandwidth and a high-speed connection. Just to inform you, there are many other providers that offer the same stuff, so if you’re in the lookout for a VPN provider, what other reasons are there that will make you stick to a free VPN?

Since you’re already here, you might as well take the opportunity to go and read to learn why you should avail of a free VPN. Here are 5 reasons why you need DewVPN in your life.

1.  Forever free

Since subscription to most VPN providers is paid for, it’s normal for people to think that there’s a catch with the free service. There is also history with free VPNs having dissatisfactory service like only having a handful of servers and IP addresses. DewVPN claims to be forever free, now you might be thinking how can they sustain themselves?

DewVPN is free for non-commercial private use. They earn most of their profit from their premium subscription service. They offer the same services of the free subscription to premium customers for a charge and that’s what enables them to provide their free service.

2.  Cross platform apps

DewVPN can be used on other devices through their app. You can secure your online activity on any device and on any OS that you have. They have user-friendly apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. Download for both mobile and download vpn for pc, they got all bases covered for you.

3.  Maximum effort on security

With DewVPN, you will get premium quality privacy and protection on a free subscription. They use 256-AES encryption, a world-class military-grade encryption to protect your data. They also have a zero-log policy which means they never log anything from your online activity that passes through them. DewVPN is so secure that even they don’t know what you do online. They also mask your IP address and protect your connection from DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks.

4.  Unlimited everything

DewVPN has unlimited bandwidth, traffic, speed, location switching, and usage time. You can get the most out of your secured internet experience with only a free subscription.

5.  Provides vital cybersecurity information

Apart from the services that it offers, DewVPN also informs online consumers about cybersecurity with their blogs on their blogsite. They have tips and facts that can be helpful, especially for those who are new to how VPN and cybersecurity work.

These are the 5 good reasons why you should avail of DewVPN’s service. The freedom to browse the internet without any boundaries is free and can be at the palm of your hands. Download DewVPN here.

Post Author: Edwin Deponte

Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who loves to travel around the world. Also a digital nomad, he finds it hard to access the world wide web on countries with strict Internet censorship; hence, he studied the ins and outs of VPN connections. Having been hooked to this, he continues to write about the topic to help users and other digital nomads worldwide that experience the same problems.

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