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You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Gun (Or Two) In Sky Force Reloaded

One game mechanic you don’t encounter too often in shoot ’em ups is grind. Sure, there’s repetition in mastering stages and trying to get better with each attempt, but this is usually a question of skill and pattern memorization. However, when a game like Sky Force Reloaded asks you to take on the enemy hordes and just hands you a measly pea shooter, you’d better start saving up for some bigger guns.

Granted, replaying the same level over and over again in order to collect stars (the game’s currency) doesn’t sound too tempting, but Sky Force Reloaded is polished, awfully pretty, and it offers a nice challenge – besides, that feeling of upgrading your craft with some beefy new lasers is pretty satisfying, too.

Eventually, you’ll really know each level like the back of your hand. “The next wave of fighters is coming from the right, and then there will be a bunker in the center and some helis from the left…” Considering that some of the optional bonus goals require you to finish off each and every enemy on screen, it’s good to come mentally prepared.

Sky Force Reloaded is not something I play for hours on end, but I regularly keep coming back to it for a few rounds to grind some stars, buy some new stuff, and slowly but surely advance in the game. I feel like this is how you should approach it.

However, if this doesn’t sound appealing to you, there is also two-player-coop and something called tournament mode which apparently unlocks once you beat the game and adds a competitive element. If you let it, Sky Force Reloaded will keep you shooting and looting for many hours.

You can purchase Sky Force Reloaded from Steam for $ 9.99, or for the PS4 and Xbox One on their respective digiutal marketplaces. For more information about the game,follow developers Infinite Dreams on Twitter or Facebook.