'You haven't a CLUE' Piers Morgan in furious LIVE clash with anti-Trump protestor on GMB

It all unfolded as Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid hosted a debate on whether anti-Trump protests were justified ahead of the President of the United State’s official visit to UK tomorrow.

Sarkar was on hand to discuss why she was taking a stand against Trump and protesting against him in Westminster tomorrow in light of his stringent immigration policies.

Pro-Trump journalist Andre Walker was also on hand to offer his views.

Morgan was unsure why protests against Trump were so popular when the UK has recently received other statesmen from countries with human rights issues.

He said: “I do not understand why when we’ve just had the president of Turkey and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, why are we having much bigger protest on Donald trump, our ally.”

Sarkar defended: “When someone is supposed to be our ally we should hold them to greater standards of accountability.”

But Morgan was keen to compare Trump to Barack Obama, and asked the guest whether she knew how many illegal immigrants had been deported under his leadership but Sarkar said she didn’t know.

She questioned: “What’s the value of making stuff up on air?”

“You have absolutely no idea how many illegal immigrants were deported under Obama,” Piers insisted.

But Sarkar shot back: “I’m not here as a defender of Obama or Clinton or any Democrat, I’m here as a critic of Trump.”

However, much to the visible exasperation of Sarkar and Reid, Piers relentlessly kept on as he asked: “Can you give me any number? Do you have any idea at all?”

“Listen, I’ve told you I don’t know,” Sarkar insisted.

Reid then chimed in to ask Piers: “Why don’t you just say?”

“I’m really fascinated that no one either knows or cares,” Morgan stated.

Sarkar continued: “I’ve said I’m not an Obama supporter.”

Morgan went on: “You haven’t got a scooby about Obama, you don’t.”

Sarkar sat back in her chair and exclaimed: “Oh my god, every time I come on this show it just seems like an opportunity for you to have a pop.”

The debate waged on as Morgan criticised Sarkar for not holding Obama to account, although she insisted she had protested against some of the ex president’s policies.

Reid added: “You do not have to go out and march for everything to make a point about one thing.”

“You should go an learn some facts about your hero Obama,” Piers directed at Sarkar.

But Sarkar hit back: “He’s not my hero, I’m a communist you idiot.”

Reid fell about laughing at Sarkar’s take down who later went on to lay into Morgan again.

She claimed: “You didn’t hold Trump adequately to account when you interviewed him.

“It’s embarrassing, and instead what you’ve done is straw-manned your guests and put words in my mouth and deflected from the argument at hand.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays 6am on ITV.

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