Wix Answers – Is it worth trying?

Looking for a professional, highly efficient and easy to use platform that helps in creating a private help desk and support for all customers?

Wix Answers is a certified tested and trusted professional platform that allows you to create a personal self help desk and support as a customer. Wix Answer is a product of Wix to support over 120 million users at the same time, it is now made available for any business organization both small scale or large scale. And the most amazing information about Wix Answer is that it is easy to use for every user. Wix Answers features a 100% customizable knowledge base, robust ticketing system, built-in call centre and embeddable help widget that allow its high prolific efficient use. It also features actionable insights, based on access to all of the real user data you need to foster your business progress. With Wix Answers, you can build better, lifelong relationships. Wix Answers requires no IT skill to run it, allows quick and easy set up, and it has SEO optimization options built in.


Taking a critical look at today’s digital world, clients could come from anywhere in the world, at anytime whether day or night, with enquiries about your business, whether your products or your services. Therefore making a judicious use of a smart customer support solution, which helps to create initiative base articles is very important in helping a business get well established, thrive high and also gives a business the chance to stand the test of time. Right here with Wix Answers customers are allowed the chance of building personal help desk solution that helps them provide help support to any number of their customers on daily basis. Wix Answer offers powerful problem solving which includes the use of 8 languages by 1200 support agents who has full access to the languages throughout Wix global offices in Tel Aviv, Miami, San Francisco and Kiev.


All thanks to Wix Answers that grants us the access to power our help centre and call centre. And it also allows us the chance to create and maintain our entire ticketing system via this ticketing software, a very integrated platform. More over Wix Answer now enable us use it for a very affordable cost. It offers a 14 days free trial period, and various premium plans starting from $30 per month. This feature has improved the customer relations and most satisfied customers are very likely to tell their families and friends about their business and they tell of their stupendous experience on Wix Answers. Even apart from telling friends and families, the product reviews that will be pasted on the review box about the business will affirm the excellence and cause the business to improve sporadically, because even a stranger will get to see the customers’ review, and one way or the other the review will make him to either stay or get off the platform. Note; an outstanding success of a business man is hidden in his ability to maintain a brilliant customer relation services. But ever since I started using Wix Answer, I have not had any cause to give a negative review, neither have I seen other customers speak ill of the platform, because Wix Answer is not overrated; Wix Answer has it all, because it has the ability and capacity that allows business men the opportunity of fostering a high level of relationship with all of their customers.


I am sure the question on your mind after reading the two paragraphs above is HOW CAN I START USING WIX ANSWERS FOR A FREE TRIAL?

Don’t be troubled, because getting started on Wix Answers is as simple as the so called “A; B; C.”

  • The first thing to do is to become a registered member (sign up)
  • During your registration, enter your business name
  • Then pick a primary language
  • And the last but not the least thing to do is to choose a preferred Wix Answers URL. While doing this, a business person should have a creative mind to create a catchy URL that can attract and persuade customers to want to click on his or her links.
  • After the last step, you will be welcomed on board to your knowledge base, where you can now monitor and customize your help centre, add relevant articles to your knowledge base, and more
  • And after this last step, your knowledge base account will be created and you are indeed good to go.

By this point, I am sure everyone now sees the undeniable importance and relevance of a help centre for you and your customer. You can customize your personal help centre to align with your brand, and pick from a number of templates which will be provided after you have created your account. You can also add articles about your product that will help your customers get the answers they need by themselves. Once your customers start using Wix Answers, this customer support solution will assist you to get powerful insights which that will help you gain better understanding of the needs of your customer. It will also help you to improve what your customer do not like. You will be able to improve the quality of the relationship between you and your customers, resulting in better business.

Wix Answers also features a knowledge base. This particular feature allows you the chance of creating and customizing, and managing your guides, tutorials, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ. With this features, your customer will be able to find relevant answers to their questions, when they surf through the series of tutorials, articles and the FAQ section they find in your help centre.


Wix Answers is the best. Apart from the fact that it does it better, there are also some unique features which might not be in other competitors. Below is a brief overview of all the Wix Answers Features;

  • Help Centre
  • Knowledge Base
  • Ticketing System
  • Call Centre
  • Call Lines Setup
  • Widget
  • Supported Languages
  • Time Zone Setting Up
  • Team Members Setting
  • Repost and Insights
  • Customization Settings
  • Customer Callback Request
  • Custom Fields
  • FAQ Sections


Wix Answers has a well-developed application in each function described here, which makes them the best choice for your enterprise. Also, Wix Answers saves business men the question on; “HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?”. Because Wix Answers is user friendly as it is in fact very affordable. Wix Answer is an affordable help desk software offered by Wix , and you can access this feature whenever you use its website builder software. The website builder software helps provide the help desk system, ticketing system, call centre, knowledge base, reports and insights.

Wix Answer is widely known for its efficiency and prolificacy. Wix Answers is rated highly amongst the 50 top rated customer support software. Wix Answers help desk software allows a lot of feature efficiently for very little cost. Wix Answers provides visitors the access to the testimonies of users based on their individual experiences with Wix Answers. These testimonies will inform you comprehensively about the functionalities and effectiveness of Wix Answers, which will in turn influence your decision on whether to start using the platform or not. But as far as I am concerned, I am certain that after examining the experiences of users, every visitor who has an enterprise or company will tend to subscribe to Wix Answers without any iota of doubt.

Wix Answer is widely known for its efficiency. Wix Answers is rated highly amongst the top options of customer support software available online. Give it a try! Wix Answers offers a 14 day trial period, and a scale of different payed plans suitable for a variety of businesses.

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