WATCH: Woman spotted doing this disgusting activity on a plane – what would you do?

A very surprising viral video has captured a woman carry out a very bizarre activity on a plane.

She is doing something most people would only ever do in private.

But the plane passenger shows no shame for the unorthodox action.

The woman is drying a pair of pants under the air vent on the aircraft ceiling.

She is holding up the black and white underwear right next to the channel of air.

Her arms are straight up in the air and she seems to be looking directly forwards.

The video was filmed from several rows behind and appears to capture other passengers moving their heads in shock and speaking to their neighbours.

The woman continues to dry the pants for quite a long time, not once appearing to realise how socially unacceptable such an activity might be.

However, no one else around her intervenes to stop her drying the underwear.

The video was uploaded to Facebook where Internet users have been horrified by the footage.

It has been viewed over three million times and shares over 18,000 times.

Facebook users have joined together in sharing their outrage.

“That is grotesque! How unhygienic!” one person commented on the clip.

“Sorry you can’t do that in the cabin of a plane, there are other people to consider. Flight attendants should have stepped in,” another wrote.

Some comments have speculated that the woman is a mother and the underwear belongs to a child.

“Everyone needs to stop being so judgemental in this day and age,” one Facebook user commented.

“Travelling can be stressful for anyone, even more so for small children. Those are clearly toddler boy underwear. Maybe she did pack an extra pair but the child had gone thru both. U don’t know how long they’d been travelling for (sic).”

However, others have added that whether they were for a child or not does not excuse the action.

One person suggested it was all part of a practical joke: “I’m betting they are actually clean and it is a prank,” they wrote.

This is far from the first time someone was spotted doing something unpleasant on a plane. One woman was once spotted picking dead skin off her feet

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