Published On: Sun, Jan 14th, 2018

Watch: Tugga’s tough love for son of Waugh

AUSTIN Waugh was dealt some nasty short stuff in the Under 19 Cricket World Cup on Sunday, taking evasive action when 18-year-old Indian Kamlesh Nagarkoti sent one whizzing past his shoulder at 145km/h.

But if Austin wanted sympathy from his parents, well, none was coming.

Nor would he have expected any considering his father, a certain Steve Waugh, once went toe-to-toe with Curtly Ambrose and forged a reputation as one of cricket’s toughest ever competitors across his 19-year Test career.

Tugga was in the crowd for Australia’s Under 19 World Cup clash against India and he seemed to enjoy the tough examination his son was being put through, smiling and giving a thumbs up after Nagarkoti’s bumper.

Austin was out two balls later to Nagarkoti for six, as India cruised to a 100-run win.


We’re only halfway through January but it’s hard to imagine we’ll see an uglier dismissal at such a high level this year.

With India chasing quick runs in the final over of their U19 World Cup clash against Australia, Shiva Singh looked to get inventive pulling out a reverse pull shot. Unfortunately for Shiva, he was done in by a slower ball from Jack Edwards. Instead of middling it to point he wore it on his glove and as his foot swung around he kicked the ball onto his stumps.

It was an unfortunate way to go.


Given England went down 4-0 in the recent Ashes, you could forgive Jonny Bairstow if he was considering a change in careers or allegiances.

Maybe rugby league is the game for him.

The keeper nailed a conversion from close to the sideline roughly 30 metres out on Saturday, sparking healthy applause from some of the Melbourne Storm’s boys.

So, should we call him Jonny El Masri or Hazem El Bairstow?

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Watch: Tugga’s tough love for son of Waugh